The daisy is thinning out for 2013, the Jerez circuit will have a World Cup event
The daisy is thinning out for 2013, the Jerez circuit will have a World Cup event

Well, I just got a lot of joy, since before the announcement of Carmelo Ezpeleta that next year the appointments of the MotoGP World Championship In the Iberian Peninsula, I had my more than justified fears that one of the victims was the Jerez circuit, taking into account the news that has been heard in recent years about their financial problems. But it turns out that no, that in 2013 we will enjoy this test again It must be recognized that it is already a classic motorcycle racing, and that it catches me so close, hehe.

The confirmation took place this morning in Madrid, at the presentation of the Bwin Grand Prix of Spain of this year 2012, which will celebrate its 25th edition in the Jerez circuit in a few days, from the twenty-seventh to the twenty-ninth of April. The aforementioned Ezpeleta, who was in charge of announcing it, was present at the event, as well as representatives of the Jerez City Council and of the Junta de Andalucía, and it has also been possible to see the Cadiz rider (and one of my weaknesses) of Moto3, Alberto Moncayo.

As you can imagine, everyone present was very happy about the news, as this ensures one of the most special events on the MotoGP World Championship calendar, selected on several occasions as the best event in the world. Needless to say, personally I am very happy with this news, that I was already preparing to run out of the legendary Jerez races. Yes indeed, now there are Montmeló, Aragón, Valencia and Estoril to divide the two that remain, we will be waiting to see who falls off the list. For now, Jerez is saved.

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