Fifty Years of Kicking, Motojournalism documentary
Fifty Years of Kicking, Motojournalism documentary

Interesting statement signed by Oliver Wendel Holmes, a veteran American jurist who retired from the judicial career at the age of 90. Affirmation that fits perfectly with the documentary they have made in Motojournalism about two off-road veterans that, despite their many years, they continue to drive through the countryside as you or I would drive through any flat street in our cities. Their names are Paul rodden, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, NASA Mechanical Engineer with 49 years of experience and a three-time winner of the 50+ cc enduro category and Larry murray, from Prescott, Ontario, an industrial supplies representative with 46 years of experience and a three-time Canadian enduro championship winner.

Throughout the video we alternate some anecdotes of these two veterans with current scenes driving their motorcycles through the countryside. And the truth is that they have a lot to tell, from their first bicycle adventures, when they threw themselves down some stairs without thinking about how to stop at the end. What they also make very clear is that to drive any motorcycle you have to be in very good condition both physical and mental (and if it is Off-Road even more). So at their age they continue to exercise as much as they can to keep fit and then be able to ride their motorcycles. Although in some moments we see falls like those of any neighbor's son who faces a more or less complicated path.

I think after watching this video I know what I want to do when I'm as old as these two gentlemen. Doing things like this is what keeps you alive.

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