Classic test Triumph Bonneville T-100, the night route, (II)
Classic test Triumph Bonneville T-100, the night route, (II)

As I was telling you before, I'm going to tell you the story of a Triumph Bonneville that, on a night route outing, left all the personnel petrified. It all started one summer afternoon, the phone rings and I hear the voice of my friend Pere, not without a certain numbness from the summer heat. But in no time my eyes widen. In the end what seems to be a day without pain or glory it is going to animate more than necessary.

And do you say Pere that we get together with those of the moto-club I do not know what why it is seen that they have a night out ready? Let's see if I heard correctly. We leave Girona in the direction of La Seu D'Urgell, have dinner there and then they take us on a route in French lands throughout the night to go to Cap de Creus to see the sun rise. No?. But … okay, what today there is a full moon, Sure. Damn, if you have everything prepared !. Come on, I'll let you know that I'm going to dress up as a Roman and between the time I look at tire pressures, I fill the tank and such, I'm wasting time. We meet at the usual gas station and wake up that it is more than half past five in the afternoon.


First of all, introduce the Bonnie who brought out the colors. Up here you can see it, and strictly series. Three Ducati with a full tank We head towards Andorra via La Seu D'Urgell. An S2R800, an S4 and my 696. The temperature is mild since it is a little after 6 in the afternoon, so it portends a very pleasant route. With the obligatory stop in Ripoll for a quick coffee, we headed towards the famous Collada de Toses and caught the wheel of Pere's Ducati S4. When approaching a curve, you release gas and downshift, the rattle of his dry clutch sets the rhythm for me And it sounds as heavenly as it is brutal.

It didn't take us long to get to La Seu D'Urgell and we shared the road with a Ducati S4RS that will join the festival. Finally at the meeting point, the tourist office, all kinds of Italian niceties start to arrive. Monster, 848, an assortment of Hypermotards that take away the hiccups, an Aprilia Tuono, and etc etc. We are all here and we can go to the restaurant for dinner, also the night covers us with its thick cloak, in this case luminous by an intense full moon, for now …

Bonneville T-100 test

At dinner I estimate that we are about 25 or 30 people. I don't know many of them but you take advantage of the situation to chat precisely with those you do not know and make friends. We go for the desserts and we are left with a face of circumstance when we see A lunar eclipse !, and total!. Taking into account that these phenomena last an average of three and a half hours, then …, Live to see!. Luckily everything was organized, what if not? I look at Pere with that face of those who with complicity do not need to speak and we outlined a smile. What difference does it make if we are going to have a great time!

In this a boy walks through the door in a tracksuit and he says that he has seen the exit in the forum and if he can join us. He excuses himself for being late and asks if he can get something to eat. Of course, we wait for him to eat something while we finish our coffee. He gets by on some ham toast and I don't know the strange reason why I notice him. By the tone of voice and movements you see a calm person, too calm I would say. The fact is that we all finish, our friend included, and we go out in search of our motorcycles when we see that That kid ride a Triumph Bonneville T-100.

Night route

Already on the job on French roads more twisted than the mind of Anthony Perkins in Psycho And as a typical would say: you can't see a carnation. I let myself be carried away by the light of the motorcycle in front of me and I can't even see the dividing line of the road. The apex of the curve is also not in sight and this is crazy. I am so focused on the one in front of me that I get mentally fatigued. We look like dominoes, if one comes out, we all go behind. I am in the middle of the peloton, I am not one of the fastest or the slowest but The one on the Triumph Bonneville just ripped off the stickers of my Ducati Monster 696.

We make a stop with some cold since it's almost four in the morning. Pere tells me that our friend from Bonneville goes first and there is no way to follow to the surprise of those of us who are a little slower. The guy has a relaxed face like the one that comes out of a spa and I see some of the Ducati Hypermotards sitting on the ground commenting that, like me, The mental fatigue of driving with hardly any light takes its toll. A stop in the national territory to refuel and have a coffee at six in the morning becomes a luxury to go see the sun rise as planned.

Night route

The sun rises and looks beautiful in Cap de Creus while my friend Pere and I comment on the play. The route has been impressive, lunar eclipse included when he tells me, as if it were a state secret, that our man from the Triumph Bonneville is one of the pilots who has raced the CEV. Now everything is explained! I think. What is said that it is not the arrow but the Indian seems to have some truth although my advice is that never underestimate the pilot of a Triumph Bonneville T-100, It may surprise you.

(Dedicated to my friends Pere and Raúl)

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