Triumph Bonneville T-100 classic test, in search of the lost pizza, (I)
Triumph Bonneville T-100 classic test, in search of the lost pizza, (I)

Yes, even if it doesn't look like it from the opening photo, This is a serious test, I can assure you. What happens is that a server stays one weekend to taste a Triumph Bonneville T-100 and if he is not careful, he ends up delivering pizzas. To be more exact, cocas. And from Perafita, an area of ​​the Catalan region of Lluçanés that touches the old sections where the Rally Catalunya-CostaBrava was held before it was transferred to Salou and was renamed CostaDaurada.

Anniversary short-run versions aside, never before have three motorcycles with the same engine been so different. Bonneville, Scrambler, and Thruxton carry equal hearts but each one beats at its own pace. The Triumph Bonneville still unfolds into the standard and SE version with a stick rim on the one hand and this 60s-looking T-100 on the other which is the one we are going to deal with. A motorcycle as sweet as the sugar and chocolate coca that we are going to go looking for. Let me put my bib in the ON position.

Bonneville T100

Alberticu Motorpasión Moto: Good morning uncle. You cleaned the bike, right? You already know that many readers pass through the blog and the motorcycle should shine as God intended. Guillem: Damn, what a nose you have, on top of that, I'll leave it to you!

MPM: Hehehe, if you are a little suspicious the "triumphfadores" of the Bonneville T-100. (N d A): I call them that instead of possessors. Come on, don't go strait and go for miles that a good route awaits us. It's early and it's still a bit cold. Better we take a section of highway and then we come through the curves. So I can try on the double lane sections, to open the throttle to overtake

G: Man, is that cold and such !. I better take it and you drive around.

MPM: Ok, we accept a boat …, but if so, we go straight through curves, shoot !

Bonneville T100

Anyway, in tests I always tell myself that I will follow the regulatory scheme but then I end up like this because a thousand stories end up passing me. Then I tell it as it was. Total, so that we formalize at this point, right ?. The case as I tell you, is that while we are linking curves from Girona to the area of ​​Sant Quirze de Besora passing through Olot and Ripoll, I am looking at the Triumph Bonneville from my Triumph Street Triple and it seems to me a motorcycle with unsurpassed aesthetics. Of course, you have to like it.

This is not a truism that I just said. Although it may seem like it. For example, I am more of a coffee grower, from Triumph Thruxton. But If you are in your sixties, this is your Triumph Bonneville. As I said before, there are two more versions, the basic and the SE. This T-100 differs with some equipment such as the rev counter that the SE carries, the basic one does not mount it. It also adds protective plastics in tank and as fork bellows respectively. The brand logo for this version is mounted in relief on the fuel tank. But above all it is distinguished by the size of the front rim, of radios and the profusion of chrome.

This unit has some extra added later by its owner. The leaks They are aftermarket and need to load the injection map as if they were the Arrow that Triumph sells for its Bonneville. Aesthetically they are identical to the series except that these are a little more cut out on the belly. They can carry Db-Killer and their sound is husky and suggestive, nothing like the meek hiss of factory exhausts. Although that hoarseness does not bother the least bit. It also has some front fenders chrome engine covers and a rear carrier.

Bonneville T-100

MPM: Well, we have already arrived. It's lunchtime, let's order something, right? I'm hungry

G: Well yes, some gasoline is good for the body. By the way, have you noticed how they look at the Bonneville now that it's parked?

MPM: Yes, I have noticed, I'm going to take some photos. Look, I think I'll post one that looks at the Street Triple, you know to touch the moral and such…. Although I recognize that the Triumph Street Triple is looked at as someone who sees a Martian

G: How bad is envy uncle !. You know my Triumph Bonneville is prettier. Also if I have noticed that it is not a motorcycle that goes unnoticed. People of a certain age look at it a lot but don't think that the younger ones ignore it. There are many kids who get stuck when they see it parked.

MPM: Pretty is a while, I do not deny it. And the curving route here, how about? I have always had you in sight in the rear view mirror, and that some section we have come light. G: You are right when you say that the Triumph Bonneville is like a bicycle. You put it where you want and it is very manageable. I've already been with it for a few kilometers but to be my first big bike I see it highly recommended for a novice. Those 68CV are not intimidating but they give a lot of themselves. That they are 900cc and if you look for it, you will find it.

MPM: I have no doubt about that. And one thing be clear: those wheel measurements give impressive agility. Sometimes I wonder why both donuts from 180 and 190 back are nonsense at times. Have I told you that on a night route a guy came with a Triumph Bonneville and he didn't give everyone "pal pelo"? And the countryman appeared dressed in a tracksuit … G: Well, you haven't told me about this little battle. Tell me tell me!.

MPM: Look! and on top comes the food. Okay, make yourself comfortable that I put in situation. It all started one summer afternoon, the phone rings and … (to be continue).

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