Click to add drama, but what is this?
Click to add drama, but what is this?

First of all I have to warn you that this is about a advertisement for a new cable television network in Belgium. For this, the creatives have had the great idea of ​​putting a red button in the middle of a square in any town in the country. Next to that button they have added a little sign with an arrow that says that you press it if you want to add drama (I imagine that to your life) as if it were something so normal. From there, something similar to one of the hidden cameras that became famous in our country a few years ago develops. So far everything more or less "normal".

What I am not able to understand in any way is what it has to do with all this a woman driving a motorcycle in her underwear which takes a couple of passes through the scene. Can someone explain it to me? What kind of drama does it represent? Because I am one of those who until I can get the whole message out of an ad I am left with the inner resentment that devours me.

There will be easier ways to promote a television network by cable?

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