Valentino Rossi back at the controls of a Ferrari
Valentino Rossi back at the controls of a Ferrari

As the controversy over the performance and subsequent statements of Valentino rossi At the end of the MotoGP race in Qatar, the Italian rider will take advantage of this vacation to get back at the controls of a Ferrari. Specifically to those of a Ferrari 458 GT3 with Alessio Salucci as co-driver for the first race of the Endurance Blancpain Series, an endurance championship that will start the season at the Italian circuit of Monza, a place that Valentino already knows after having participated in the Monza Rally Show.

Il Dottore does not quite find the key to the performance of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12 and after the discouraging debut of the new machine in MotoGP, it will not hurt to change of scene to relax, disconnect from the pressure, have fun and enjoy the driving. Unfortunately it has been too long since he has been seen smiling the way he used to.

On the other hand, the first comments that predict the end of Valentino in MotoGP have already been seen and they see next weekend's race as the last nod to the future that awaits the champion. Personally, Rossi seems to me genius enough to win and do it with this Ducati. Let's hope, for the sake of motorcycling, Vale will get back on the road to victory.

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