One Motorcycle Show, the imperfect also has its place
One Motorcycle Show, the imperfect also has its place

Event sponsored by Bell Helmetes Helmets, the One Motorcycle Show It is an exhibition that accommodates all kinds of motorcycles (suitably customized) but these motorcycles do not have to be perfect jewels like the ones we can see in some salons, if not that all motorcycles have room here. even those that retain their original rust, or those that have never been restored, but are simply kept running by their owners.

A more than interesting concept, because from the point of view of someone who is starting in this of restorations (and I say starting because in this I believe that you are never a teacher) it is really difficult to achieve those perfect finishes that you see on some motorcycles unless you are a true psychopath of perfection, and you still won't get it.

We can see this exhibition thanks to the video published by the gentlemen of Bell helmets, which they were in charge of complementing with an exhibition of custom helmets, with pieces such as the helmet-toaster that must be left from death with one of these custom helmets. Perhaps the best are the names that the organizers (Portland's See See Motorcycles) have invented for the awards, since we found a I would ride that, a Seems fast, Incomplete motorcycle, Made in the USA or Italian stallion. I think that for the next meeting I organize the shots they will go out there.

As you can see, these types of activities attract very diverse people, but when you see someone like Roland sands walking among the bikes and participating with one of his creations, I think it is clear that the bet is interesting.

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