Valentino Rossi shoots against Ducati and Barberá crosses the road
Valentino Rossi shoots against Ducati and Barberá crosses the road

The statements of the nine-time World Champion after getting off the motorcycle in Qatar in the tenth place of the classification and to 33 seconds lengths of the head could not be more enlightening:

And Ducati's response in the purest style of its neighbors of the "rampant horse," on this occasion from the mouth of the father of the creature Filipo Preziosi, cannot be other than:

And if we add to all this situation that, from the Sepang test, neither Valentino Rossi nor his surroundings agree that Héctor Barberá can stay ahead from the very official Ducati 46, these statements about the Pramac Racing driver are not surprising:

But of course at times when patience is lost and good words like “We have to give Fernando a better car” are no longer valid. give Valentino a good bike”. As I tell you in those moments, frustration reaches such a point that if you look at and remember the race you realize that we have been able to see the precise moment live in which Valentino Rossi himself thinks about the bike after his field trip, whether to take the pit road or continue the race.

And since in this situation we have places to distribute for everyone, it is also a glancing turn for Niky Hayden.

And in case it is not clear which is the culprit, we remember it again:

It seems that the patience of the Champion also has limits and perhaps now that things are getting ugly in the relationship with Ducati, they know how to respond to Rossi's requests. While this happens as always rumors soar on the net and recently I read that Valentino Rossi could be with Yamaha in 2013 and with Coca Cola as the main sponsor. But you already know a troubled river the rumors grow.

Wasn't that the saying?

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