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MotoGP Qatar 2012: MotoGP Vs CRT, analysis
MotoGP Qatar 2012: MotoGP Vs CRT, analysis

Another novelty that this 2012 season of the MotoGP World Championship is a new category, called CRT and included within the queen category. In essence, we could define it as series derived engines in prototype chassis and according to experts it will become over time the motorcycles that will dominate the starting grids thanks to its reduced costs compared to the pure and hard MotoGP.

But just like the Moto3 if we compare them with the 125cc, these are still in their infancy. Even so, we have been able to see some interesting details and Although they seem slow, they are not so slow, or at least not much more than other MotoGPs that we have seen in previous years on some circuits.

Let's start by looking at the best times of the first and last MotoGP, as well as the first and last CRT, the time difference between them and the speed differences in the following table:

Ioda racing in Venice

MotoGP Vs CRT, Qatar GP 2012:

As we can see, the Faster CRT is approximately between two and a half seconds and three seconds slower than the fastest MotoGP. But comparing these figures is a bit absurd. It is much more realistic to compare it with the slower MotoGP, which only get over it for a second or less.

Of course, when we talk about the Slower CRT, the figures are much more outrageous since this wheel three to five seconds slower than the last MotoGP and its top speed is more than forty kilometers per hour slower. It should also be borne in mind that this circuit is very fast and that in other more twisty ones, the difference in speeds will be less as well as times, since we are talking about almost two minutes per lap.

But although the figures may be scandalous to some, we are going to refresh your memory, specifically with the Last year's Japanese Grand Prix. There we had several invited riders to the MotoGP category: Shinichi Ito, Damian Cudlin and Kousuke Akiyoshi. And of course, although two were Honda test drivers, their times were far from the top. In the following table we can see a comparison:

Jorge Lorenzo in Qatar

MotoGP, GP Japan 2011:

Motegi is a bit shorter than Losail and the lap is given in about nine seconds less but still, the difference in lap times between the slowest and fastest MotoGP is very similar to the times of the slower CRT, with the difference that these are in their initial phase of development and they will surely reduce this distance little by little.

Yes, it is true, they will not be as fast as the MotoGP since these are pure prototypes and even the engine, as Dennis Noyes said will run a little less than Superbikes Because by regulation, the CRT engine has to last about 1,000 kilometers while the SBK's last approximately 300km.

You have to give them time, like everything in this life but for now, they are not so slow or at least not slower than some MotoGP we've seen in other years. And we did not tear our clothes …

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