Fabio Lanzoni's electric motorcycle
Fabio Lanzoni's electric motorcycle

Last year we discovered who Fabio Lanzoni was thanks to the promotional video of Yamaha's 50 years in racing. A little later we were able to observe the wide collection that this television character has in his home, a collection that many of us qualify as a stacking of motorcycles than a collection in order. But separate criticisms about his way of collecting motorcycles, his appearance or what he does, it turns out that they have dedicated an entire program to him in Plugin America, a series of documentaries that emphasizes the benefits of electric vehicles among the North American population, compulsive gasoline consumers.

So after the presentation of another tele-series actress like Alexandra paul, famous for appearing on the Baywatch series with David Hasselhoff and most recently on Mad Men. They take advantage of Fabio's pull to transform him into a new ambassador for electric vehicles, shooting an advertisement to try to "convince" Americans of the benefits of electric vehicles. From there to Fabio testing an electric motorcycle (provided by Zero Motorcycles) it only took a few months, and now Fabio is a fervent defender of electricity in order not to depend on foreign oil imports.

What is really surprising is that someone with the social repercussion that Fabio Lanzoni has in the USA gets involved up to these levels with such a campaign. It is clear that he does it for money (or maybe not) but I think that many of the "famous" of our country should rethink their public image and redirect it in a similar way to that of the American actor. Can you imagine Ana Obregón recommending that we buy / use electric motorcycles? Well, maybe the example is not the best, but surely there is someone who meets the necessary requirements.

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