New official statement on the status of Joan Lascorz
New official statement on the status of Joan Lascorz

And unfortunately, the statement still does not clarify the true state of Joan. They simply tell us in a short press release that Joan Lascorz you will remain sedated for four more days in the trauma ICU of the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona. The Provec Racing team reports that last Friday, the doctors began to wake him up, but throughout Saturday, they decided to sedate him again, to keep him asleep.

Existing mucus in the lung and the fact that Joan moved a lot, led the doctors to decide to keep him asleep for four more days. For now, until the lungs are completely clear of mucus.

Joan Lascorz accident Imola

Until Joan wakes up Neurology managers will not be able to perform the tests relevant. Therefore, the exact extent of his injuries, and his possibility of recovery, cannot be established.

Textually the statement indicates:

We will continue to monitor Joan's evolution.

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