The flight of the phoenix with a Citröen 2CV
The flight of the phoenix with a Citröen 2CV

There is a movie called The Flight of the Phoenix, in which a group of workers get lost in the desert while flying back to civilization, after many efforts they repair the crashed plane that was transporting them and manage to get out of the desert safely. This film is based on a novel written by the British author Elleston Trevor in the sixties. Look where it turns out that there is a similar adventure, lived by Elmile Leray in 1993 in the desert of Morocco, but instead of modifying a plane to return to the Emile civilization transformed his damaged Citröen 2CV into a motorcycle rudimentary to be returned to civilization.

Broadly speaking, the adventure begins when Emile suffers an accident between Tilemsem and Tan-Tan. In that accident, the Citröen 2CV breaks the chassis and destroys one of the suspension arms. In this way he cannot continue the journey. But since Emile is a surviving handyman and has enough water and food for a good season, he gets down to work not to repair the car, but to transform it into a motorcycle that can return it to civilization. The end result is what you see in the header photo, and I recommend that you take a look at the original site to see the document in more detail, which is worth it.

Just add that Emile still had to give a lot of explanations to the military that he encountered on his way to salvation, first because he was a foreigner, second because he was in a militarized area at that time and secondly third because they did not believe that the Strange vehicle driving off the product of a lot of days "thrown" in the desert without any help or sophisticated tools. And that until recovered the license plate of the car so they wouldn't accuse him of running something illegal. Undoubtedly an adventure that I imagine that Emile will not have tried to live again.

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