Ducati 1199 RS Panigale, a preview of Superbikes 2013
Ducati 1199 RS Panigale, a preview of Superbikes 2013

Ducati 1199RS, a glimpse into the future of SBK

The Ducati 1199 Panigale arrived and we took our hats off. We saw the S version and placed a rush order for new bibs. A little later, this same machine reaped its first victory in official competition in the hands of Ismael Bonilla in the Castilian-La Mancha. At this point we also discovered the machine that had just landed in the British Isles: the Ducati 1199RS. Under this name we find the motorcycle that Ducati manufactures for the championship teams of the Superbikes category at the national or world level, although it will be necessary to specify later.

A year ago, the 1199RS would have fit the profile of the British Superbikes regulation perfectly, because their bikes, although they were not as developed as those of the world championship, allowed a large number of modifications. However, this season MSV launches a new regulation looking for pure spectacle and fairness on the grid, from the first to the last, from the champion to the newcomer. Its low permissiveness is much closer to the Superstock than to a Superbike and, therefore, the motorcycle that will run in 2013 on the circuits of half the world is far from what we see in the world. BSB.

Ducati 1199RS BSB

Talking to the factory, they tell us that in reality, and always officially, the 1199RS does not exist yet and that what is seen in dozens of media is nothing more than the hybrid they have created for this renewed championship. In fact, to date, the FIM has only homologated the Ducati 1199S for Superstock, without yet allowing any model called RS. Given what has been seen, what will run today at Brands Hatch Indy will be an 1199S Super Superstock, that is, a Superstock motorcycle with the following characteristics:

  • An engine that does not turn at more than 12,250rpm with modifications unthinkable in STK.
  • A minimum weight of 165kg.
  • Clutch of choice.
  • Magnesium rims.
  • Öhlins FGR200 at the front.
  • Öhlins TTX behind.
  • MoTec ECU approved by MSV.

The differences of this bike with which Carlos Checa, Alex Polita, Davide Giuliano or Syilvain Guintoli will race in 2013 obviously enormous and will be behind even the performance of the BSB bikes in 2011. In fact, in this first test in Indy, Tommy hill, who set the fastest time while running dry in practice, I was eight tenths from last year's pole. The difference is notable, as it must be borne in mind that it is a very short route where you don't even get to a minute per lap.

By the way, this afternoon we will see her in action, don't miss it!

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