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MotoGP Qatar 2012: year one C.P. (With Advertising)
MotoGP Qatar 2012: year one C.P. (With Advertising)

On Thursday, April 5, 2012, a new season of the MotoGP World Championship with a lot of news that we already know: Moto3 instead of 125cc, the new CRT sharing the track with the MotoGP and a new television channel, Mediaset, in front of the broadcast. New commentators and also, after several years enjoying racing without advertising and without cuts, we knew that we were going to have interruptions. That if, just as we had guaranteed Pachi Rosés when we interviewed him, the screen to be able to continue the race it would be much larger than the one previously used.

With all this, there was no choice but to sit in front of the television timer in hand and analyze how much advertising would be introduced during the broadcast both training and racing. Would it be a lot? Little? Reasonable? At opportune moments? Well, let's go back to Friday, to press the START button of the stopwatch and let's see together the data we have collected.

Friday session:

We start with the Friday workouts. Those of Thursday we have not taken them into account as they are exclusive to the Qatar Grand Prix and therefore, exceptional. This day, there were four practice sessions, repeating the MotoGP riders. Each of the categories had two advertising cuts but they did not keep any relationship between the different categories, neither in terms of duration nor in terms of time the session had been disputed (all four had almost the same).

For example, MotoGP only had two 20-second cuts in his second session, FP3, while in FP2 the advertising cut was 11:50 minutes divided into two blocks. Scandalous was the break in Moto3, of nothing more and nothing less than 12:30 minutes, to which we would have to add another cut of 20 seconds first. Finally, Moto2 was the one with the least interruptions, two blocks, one of only 20 seconds that totaled a total of 06:45 minutes.

If we convert it to a percentage, the time we have had to see the training sessions on a reduced screen is as follows:

It is surprising that although the longest cut occurred in Moto3, it was MotoGP FP2 was the one that had the longest publicity during its broadcast.

Advertising Mediaset

Saturday session:

Comes the Saturday and to be honest, he was with fear in his body. Friday had been a bit grim, but surprisingly advertising breaks during qualifying sessions are relatively short, all less than two minutes, so no category exceeded four minutes of total advertising. Let's see it in percentages:

The Moto3 category continues to lose as it is the one with the shortest sessions and the ones that receives the most publicity, but this time it has been less than 10%, quite restrained.

Sunday races:

And the Sunday, race day, with a fairly correct publicity both in the Moto3 and Moto2 categories. However that of MotoGP that until now had had very little publicity, if we except FP2 is hit hard, with two advertising blocks of more than three and a half minutes, equivalent to almost two complete laps of the Losail circuit. These data in percentage are as follows:

Some details to keep in mind:

Advertising Mediaset

The above figures give us the data in a cold way. However, we have to delve a little deeper into them and not forgetting certain very important details. These make the broadcast, although with the advertising cuts, can be bearable or on the contrary, become a blow to the audience that ends up getting up from the sofa and losing interest in training or racing. For example.

  • The window is the correct size. The space is divided equally between advertising and broadcasting although perhaps the margins of the screens could be used even more and the size was a little higher.
  • The top three sponsors go full screen. In addition, before reissuing, the MotoGP header is introduced, which is equivalent to a cutoff of approximately 20 seconds in which the viewer goes blind. A work by Mediaset would be very important so that if something happens during this time or during the broadcast of the advertisement, it is repeated when returning from it because viewers can miss the broadcast of the repetition that makes the realization of MotoGP.
  • Again the mistake of making cuts is made during the winners' lap of honor or what is worse, when there are still people on the track looking for their best time in training. And these cuts are complete, without a window. It would be advisable to either do it on a split screen in the case of races or delay them a bit more during training.
  • For some strange reason, the people who followed the trainings through the website, during Thursday and Friday, were able to count on the double screen during the advertising. Nevertheless on Saturday and Sunday, the advertising cuts were complete and we have not been able to see any response from Mediaset to what they were due to.
  • Although it was only done in the career of Moto3, the 20-second pause at the beginning of the last lap he was not lucky at all. In those moments and more when six pilots fight for the podium, you cannot make an advertising cut unless you want to collapse the 112 switchboard with calls for heart attacks.

Personal assessment of the advertising during the MotoGP Grand Prix of Qatar 2012:

If i had to personally assess advertising during the Qatar MotoGP Grand Prix 2012 I would give him in general a good, scratch but a good. Going into detail, the MotoGP FP2 and the Moto3 FP3 resoundingly suspended, with cuts that reached almost 30% of the emission. However then they improved considerably, with a good during FP3 of Moto2 and even a outstanding during FP3 MotoGP.

On Saturday, well in the Moto3 and Moto2 classifications and notable in MotoGP, with uninterrupted broadcast of the last 20 minutes. Sunday's races, well the two small categories and enough scraping for MotoGP, about to suspend if it is not due to the good choice of the two blocks, on lap six and 14, 8 from the end, which allowed us to fully see the comeback of Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa.

But this does not end here with a full stop. It is a point and followed because in a few races, we will pick up our chronometer again and see how they continue to do, if they have polished details. It was his first complete race and surely Pachi Rosés and his team have a few points to improve for the next races and others that, on the contrary, they have already approved from the first moment.

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