MotoGP Qatar 2012: Jorge Lorenzo rules, Dani Pedrosa resurfaces, Casey Stoner looks on
MotoGP Qatar 2012: Jorge Lorenzo rules, Dani Pedrosa resurfaces, Casey Stoner looks on

Jorge Lorenzo, winner, leader and last piece of the "triplet"

After yesterday's qualifying session Jorge Lorenzo had managed to put fear in the body that seemed unbeatable until then, Casey stoner. For the Australian, each session was a simple procedure, he did his job, concentrated, got on the bike and in just a few laps he finished with any record that his opponents had previously achieved. Until yesterday… a feat that has only fueled the already prodigious mind of the Mallorcan rider. That brain tucked under the X-Lite, with the dose of pride behind pole position, has been able to use and manage Jorge's talent enormously well to achieve the first win of the year.

To everyone's surprise the second classified he wore the Repsol colors in an Alpinestars suit, but his fairing wore a classic 26, relegating Stoner to the bottom hole of the drawer. Dani pedrosa He has imposed himself on the voices that have criticized him harshly throughout the week, from his failed exam to the MotoGP time that placed him on the third row of the grid. It is the most beautiful part of motorcycling, skidding and overtaking aside, the greatest spectacle is watching one of those brave (you are brave!) Outdo himself to glory.

Casey Stoner Qatar 2012

Like the one thrown from the top of a bridge without making sure you're tied to a rope Dani came out from the grill. By screwing up the throttle, the one from Sabadell managed to overcome two lines of pilots before reaching the first stop. There, Jorge restrained himself to follow him very closely, without losing sight of his tail, for meters later to go on to lead the test. Casey, from the third position, watched the Spaniards. A luxury that could be afforded thanks to a bad outing from Cal Cruchtlowwho looked surpassed by Andrea Dovizioso. After the Supersport champion: Stefan Bradl, Ben Spies, Nicky Hayden and Álvaro Bautista.

Lap and a half later Dani and Jorge's presence in his field of vision began to annoy an ambitious Casey, aspiring to lower the smoke to Mallorca after pole. With the first notes of that song that defines the situation so well, Under Pressure, the kangaroo attacked his teammate first, lasting just three attempts before getting past him. Without Pedrosa in the middle, Stoner directed all his rage towards that supposedly inferior Yamaha, which was spitting fire at his screen as if to say: Is it going well back there?. And it is known that the answer was negative, because in the third lap the current champion was already leading the race avoiding a possible escape from Lorenzo and laying the foundations of their own. A point guard who rose to a distance of more than two seconds in the race.

Cal Cruchtlow Qatar 2012

In another part of the circuit, in the dark, with their faces illuminated by dozens of screens to the TV production in charge, a cold sweat was emanating from his skin. Yeah folks, drip races, classic Casey's ride, and after-hours naps were back. To avoid it right away They sought action beyond the head of the race. And to be honest, the truth is that they found it. First in the duel between fellow Tech3, giving us some beautiful braking almost parallel to the end of the finish line. In the light of the bright red color of those carbon discs being continuously forced, Andrea showed her teeth to Cal, to his bosses and to that sector that accuses him of sucking wheels - as if by going behind you could have a coffee while you pilot -. In second place the back battle between CRT’s with Yonny Hernández and Randy de Puniet, giving a class of what should be seen in the future. And way ahead, going back to the prototypes, Álvaro Bautista fought with Nicky Hayden. Yes, that one, the saddest world champion according to Mela, with that diesel motorcycle with more dogs than horses. Despite everything, the American was the best Ducati after beating Stefan Bradl and Bautista himself.

Having already passed the equator of the race, the graph on the side of our television surprised us by informing us that the distance between Casey and Jorge was getting shorter. Lap by lap. Step by Step. The Yamaha M1 sounded louder in the Australian's ear, whose ambition had exceeded his prudence. Victim of his desire to win the number one number, he descended first to second place, later to third, without being able to do anything to prevent it. Among the lights and shadows of the Doha desert Jorge celebrated the victory in probably one of the least favorable circuits for Yamaha, giving an excellent final touch to a beautiful weekend for motorcycling in our country.

Jorge Lorenzo Qatar 2012

By the way, in that "subcategory" of CRT there was no surprise, being Colin Edwards the first classified, followed by Randy de Puniet. Ah, do not forget, Valentino Rossi was tenth, only ahead of the MotoGP of Ben Spies and Karel Abraham, who abandoned due to mechanical problems.

Note: I mentioned that Queen and David Bowie song, Under Pressure, try, if you want, to read this chronicle after having played it.

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