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MotoGP Qatar 2012: Sandro Cortese, Thomas Luthi and Jorge Lorenzo take the first pole of the year
MotoGP Qatar 2012: Sandro Cortese, Thomas Luthi and Jorge Lorenzo take the first pole of the year

We already have the riders who will start tomorrow from the most privileged position on the grid in the three categories of this start of the season. MotoGP World Championship, which as we know is being held in the circuit of Losail and that is celebrated at night. And the fastest have been Sandro Cortese in Moto3, Thomas luthi in Moto2 and Jorge Lorenzo in MotoGP, which has given us the joy of the day without a doubt.

Admittedly, the craziest and most exciting session has been Moto3, although the icing on the cake with Jorge Lorenzo's pole, has left us all more than happy, as we remember that Losail is one of the fetish circuits of Casey Stoner. There is no doubt that this Yamaha m1 It is much better than last year. For its part, Moto2 has left us a bit cold except for the second position of Marc Márquez. And I have to admit one thing about broadcasts from Telecinco: just as I have suffered these two previous days with the long advertising blocks, today in the poles they have made minimal cuts that have reached a maximum of two minutes. Hopefully it stays that way all year long. And now we go for the three categories.

Moto3: Sandro Cortese takes a heart attack pole

Sandro Cortese in Qatar

Well, where do you have to sign so that all the tests and races in the new Moto3 category have this emotion, because I'm signing right now. We already have the rider who has taken the first pole in the history of Moto3, who has been the German Sandro Cortese, who has played with our little hearts until the last second. And it is that when the first position of Maverick Viñales, Friend Sandro came from behind to give even more excitement to what has been a crazy session with many riders on momentary pole: Álex Rins, Romano Fenati, Luis Salom, Louis Rossi… Come on, we've enjoyed ourselves as dwarves.

Thus, tomorrow things will come out first as Cortese said, with a time of 2:08.188. Second to only 16 thousandths Maverick Viñales, while Rossi will come out third. The second row is opened by Salom, followed by a surprising Niklas Ajo, that without making much noise is there, and by Romano Fenati in the sixth. Of the rest of Spaniards, highlight the thirteenth square of Rins and the fourteenth of Alberto Moncayo, that he has had a little problem that prevented him from getting a good lap time. Of course Moto3 promises a lot and as the race is half as good as the qualifying, we are already left over.

Well, I leave you a last minute note: Maverick has crushed the clock in the warm up and has made a time of 2:07.704, fastest time of the weekend. Romano Fenati and Luis Salom followed.

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