New high-tech, low-emission Honda eSP engine
New high-tech, low-emission Honda eSP engine

For the second half of 2012 Honda will start equipping its best-selling scooter model in Europe in 2011, the Honda PCX 125, with a new engine called eSP (enhanced Smart Power that we could translate as improved smart power) that stands out for its reduction in the emissions of CO2 and in the consumption of fuel without its level of benefits being affected by it.

The honda eSP engine is a single cylinder four-stroke, two valves, SOHC and liquid cooling that achieves these improvements in emissions and consumption thanks to the use of Low Friction Technology in addition to other solutions such as the Stop at idle, the system generator start, a renewed V-Matic transmission system and a new electronic engine management.

The new eSP engine is encompassed within Honda's strategic plan by which it voluntarily committed in 2000 to reduce CO2 emissions from its entire product range by 30%.

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