Foggy Petronas FP1, first tested ten years later
Foggy Petronas FP1, first tested ten years later

You rarely come across one of these gifts. Originally the Foggy Petronas FP1 It was a prototype designed and developed by Sauber Petronas Engineering to compete in the newly launched MotoGP category in 2002. However, shortly afterwards they decided to team up with the four-time world champion Carl fogarty and thus try to bring to fruition a project in Superbikes that would snatch the throne from the all-powerful Ducati and, at the same time, return the glory to Foggy. To pass the homologation of the FIM of the derivatives of the series 150 street units were built of the Foggy Petronas FP1.

At that time, it introduced a mechanic that was even unique on the grid. With a limit of 900cc three-cylinder in-line Malaysians sought the balance between the progressive and torque delivery of Ducati twins and the raw power of a four cylinder. Their figures were around 127cv at 10,000rpm and a torque of 92Nm at 9,700 turnsIt sounds little surprising, but we are talking about the year 2003. Well, the truth is that at least I have never seen any and, in fact, magazines like MCN had not sunk their teeth yet. Up to now…

Foggy Petronas FP1 Michael Guy

We have read and heard hundreds of times how "timeless" the original design of the Ducati 916 is, which even today continues to twist necks as it did in its premiere in the 90s. This Petronas, saving the more than obvious distances, follows that path And if tomorrow they put it on sale under another name, it would perfectly pass for a new motorcycle. And furthermore, I would dare to say that if they exploited the 1000cc three-cylinder engine they would win a good audience. However, what makes this bike special is its history, its close relationship with competition, the reflection of the hand of a champion and the feeling of being in front of something unmatched; exclusivity at its finest. All this is simply a feeling, subjective and for many worthless, but is what draws you a smile from ear to ear like the one Michael Guy wears from the moment he sees it.

Note: No, the one who seems to own such a marvel is not Willy Toledo.

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