First backflip with an electric trial bike
First backflip with an electric trial bike

In the last round of the X-Trial World Championship that was held last week in Paris and of which we told you yesterday the chronicle of the victory of Toni Bou, it could be seen in the first backflip performed on an electric trial bike.

At this point, talking about a backflip it no longer surprises almost anyone. Even yesterday my son locked one foot in front of the ride-on and in his case what he did was a frontflip, well, only half, and not even his mother was surprised since she says that he is just as unconscious as I am when he goes on something with wheels. But what we were going to, the pilot who did it was Christophe bruand over one Electric motion, or EM of which in a few days we will talk a little more.

The difficulty of the maneuver, without reaching the extremes of the pocket backflip that Luis taught us, is perhaps due to the fact that the landing is made at the same height as the end of the take-off ramp, giving all the necessary height to perform correctly the maneuver depends on the initial impulse. It does not start with any meter of advantage by having the lowest landing zone as in other cases.

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