Sergio Gadea, calling for sponsors with his latest challenge
Sergio Gadea, calling for sponsors with his latest challenge

Those of you who move on Twitter, there are many of you, you already know Sergio Gadea's story. For those who do not, I will summarize it in the simplest way possible: You don't want to be a grill filler and you need money for that, money that, on the other hand, does not have. Specifically, he counted that it would take around 400,000 euros to compete in conditions for an entire season in one of the world championship categories. He acknowledged having received offers from teams in Moto3, Moto2 and even Superbikes, but without a sponsor the doors close. He has spent much of the preseason on social media trying to find that company that finally gives him the seat he deserves.

We know that the competition is high, but also that at 27 we cannot retire a driver with pole positions, victory, numerous podiums (18) and with six fastest laps in his possession. Sergio is coming off recovering from an ugly crash in Japan in which fractured two vertebrae and came close to having his spleen removed. Recuperado has started a project in the Moto3 category of the CEV while, at the same time, he tries to attract attention with challenges like the one he has proposed. Have you ever thought about parachute to land on a moving motorcycle? Neither have I, but he and his friends have.

We hope Sergio can get ahead and remind someone in the paddock of the courage of this young rider who got his first podium just two years ago. Despite his age, his career had just taken off and we hope he still has a lot of future ahead of him.

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