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British Superbikes 2012: continue with us a season that will make history
British Superbikes 2012: continue with us a season that will make history

Cadwell Park, a true reflection of the BSB

If you have taken a look at yesterday's international competition calendar you will have realized that this weekend, at the same time as MotoGP, British Superbikes begins. It is almost certainly the most spectacular and competitive national speed championship in the world: After the end between John Hopins and Tommy Hill in the last lap of Brands Hatch, no one should doubt it. Without resting on its laurels, the MSV prepared a package of measures to be included in the new 2012 BSB regulation, being the first to take the step that the rest fear: ban electronic aids and use a common ECU.

The regulation goes much further but that is basically what we need to know. In short, we will have traditional Superbikes, more evolved than the Superstock but much simpler and cheaper than any motorcycle that we see on the grid of the Superbike World Championship. Equality is the overriding value, which opens up an incredible range of opportunities for new teams, fresh-out-of-the-oven bikes, old glories and youngsters on the hunt. More than thirty drivers will complete one of the most promising grids of recent years.

We know that whenever we try to follow an unknown championship, the first thing that costs us the most is knowing who is who. Well, let's see what we find this year in a British where people like Noriyuki Haga make it more international every day.

Calls to Fight for the Showdown

If by chance you still don't know very well what this Showdown It is convenient to read these lines carefully so as not to get lost at any time. The British Championship is divided into two parts:

  • Main Seasson - Consists of the first nine rounds with a total of 19 races. It is scored according to the traditional FIM system. At the end of these tests, three more will remain: Assen, Silverstone and Brands Hatch GP. These three circuits form the final stretch of the season: the Showdown.
  • The Showdown: It is the battle for the title. Battle in which only the first six classified of the Main Seasson enter. Here a system imported from Nascar is applied adding 500 points to each of these six, in addition to an extra for the podiums achieved: three points for having won a race, two for having climbed to the second hole of the box and one for completing a podium.

Swan Yamaha with Tommy Hill and Noriyuki Haga are the team to beat

Swan Yamaha 2012

If there is a favorite team for this season it is the Swan Yamaha. In the first instance because Tommy Hill is the current champion and defender of the title and secondly, because Noriyuki Haga is one of the best drivers in history, that simple. Both have plenty of motivation to win: The one from Surrey has given up being a MotoGP or SBK grille filler to keep racing at home, where kids ask for autographs and he enjoys doing great work. Take the crown in the most even season in recent times It is your great goal. Nitro NoriFor his part, he made the difficult decision to abandon the championship that had seen him grow up to fight for victory again, trying to be champion before retreat.

Both drivers should have no problem getting into the final fight. The problem this season is that the competition is huge. For sample, the following …

PBMUK, Paul Bird's winning project with Shane Byrne

Shany Byrne 2012

Paul bird He has jumped headfirst into the pool and we'll see how much water he has. On the one hand he is leading the 100% British MotoGP project with James Ellison and on the other the Rapid Solicitors with Kawasaki at the BSB. Paul's team was one of the most respected after winning two BSB titles with Shane byrne. He has returned betting on the same cards.

Shakey Byrne:

Byrne, always so politically correct. As sincere as he has always been in the column commissioned by The Sun newspaper. He is one of the kings, a crack and a two-wheeler. He knows very well what it is to win and is in his sauce between elbows, hasty braking and circuits that would go through roller coasters. Of this cut is also Stuart easton, his partner, and also known to Paul, as they were Supersport champions in 2002.

Phillip Neil trusts Josh Brookes again

Tyco Suzuki Josh Brookes

Josh brookes He was the protagonist several times during the past season, among other things, for taking Michael Rutter off the track in an accident that would cost him a fractured rib. The Australian is still looking to be champion and this year, again, he has the confidence of Phillip Neil and Suzuki. Under the same structure as Relentless but with a new sponsor, Tyco. Both he and his new teammate, Alastair seeley - current Supersport champion -, they are contenders for the Showdown, although it is difficult for both of them to achieve it.

Talent and enthusiasm in Team WFR

Team WFR Alex Lowes 2012

The champions of the BSB EVO category face this new challenge with the aim of surprising the British classics. For this Myles Shofield, his manager, has arranged a team with the three highest rising values ​​of motorcycling in the country: Alex Lowes, Graeme Gowland and James Westmoreland. A trident that scared the Superbikes with its EVOs and that all things being equal will give the "surprise". Obviously it will be difficult for all three of them to get into the Showdown but at least one of them should be there and, if regularity accompanies him, that would be Alex Lowes.

Lottery for the last slot of the Showdown

It would be very difficult to guess which drivers are going to fight for the title at the end of the year but this is more or less what "logic" and the results tell us. If you keep count, we have already filled five of the six slots in the Showdown. Who will complete it? Let's see what's on the grill.

  • Michael Laverty: Eugene's brother has this year the support of the heritage of the HM Plant Honda, called Samsung Honda now. The experience of the team added to his own make him one of the bones and aspiring to that top six. However, I personally think they have lost a lot by trading Ryuichi Kiyonari and Shakey for Jon Kirkham and Michael.

  • Gary Mason: faithful to Kawasaki is still looking for his big opportunity. This may come in 2012 when the Ninja has established itself as an effective and competitive motorcycle. His years with the ZX-10R, the enthusiasm and an even category encourage to think that Gary will enter the Showdown. However, the bet is risky.

  • Dan linfoot: It will almost certainly be the best BMW S1000RR on the grid. At Superstock, BMW has proven to be unbeatable and with the advancements brought by SBK Dan has the opportunity to unleash his skills.

  • Florian Marino: The French kid raced last season under the watchful eye of Ronald ten Kate in Supersport. After not having fulfilled the expectations of the Dutch Florian, he is looking for a place where he can mature as a pilot. He has everything against him and a lot to learn, but by focusing he will put the Aprilia RSV4 among the best.

Michael Rutter and Peter Hickman
  • Michael rutter: regular and winner of the Tourist Trophy, king of the Macau GP… El Diablo knows more about being old than about Diablo. After being thrown out of the championship fight due to a collision with Josh Brookes, Michael returns to his old ways. Old-school seasoned big duels await you with the Kawasaki from MSS Bathams.

  • Luca scassa: With the Supersport Yamaha R6 he made it clear that, if the bike works, he has no shortage of qualities to go over to anyone in front of him. He will have the support of Padgett's Honda and John Hopkins, and he has already shown that it is essential for us to know all the circuits on the calendar by heart. Be careful with the Italian.

  • Alex Polita: maybe one of the most interesting characters to follow this year. For several reasons: he is a two-time CIV and Superstock champion, has led the development of the Ducati 1199 Panigale that they will use with Troy Bayliss and Danilo Petrucci, Ernesto Marinelli has personally taken care of finding him a real challenge and the best results of the Ducati 1199RS will depend on it, although we have to clarify a lot about it, we will leave it for tomorrow.

Little more to add, only to say that this year, again, we will continue race by race the BSB 2012. And to finish I leave you with my bet for the showdown:

  • Tommy hill
  • Noriyuki Haga
  • Shakey byrne
  • Michael rutter
  • Alex Lowes
  • Alex Polita

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