Jeremy Burgess, going back to 1000cc was crazy
Jeremy Burgess, going back to 1000cc was crazy

We are about to start the MotoGP World Championship in Qatar and at the end of this past month the Ducati team technician, Jeremy burgess, declared in an interview with the Australian media, Adelaide Now, the complications derived from the increase in displacement in motorcycles, from 800cc to 1000ccc. Going back to 1000cc has been crazy it says verbatim, and emphasizes that the increase in displacement can lead to a decrease in terms of safety for pilots.

It clearly states that we are putting "car engines" in motorcycles and in quotation marks since you have to read Burgess between the lines and not take his statements at face value, obviously. He adds that with slipstreams, we can see the maximum speeds reach up to 360 Km / h and that in more than 33 years of profession, it is the first time that fear for the future of the category and he claims there are those who think exactly the same as him.

Valentino rossi

In order to reduce the maximum speed, already in 2007 the displacement was reduced from 990cc to 800cc but it has also seen peaks of 340 km / h. Jeremy Burgess believes that the 1000cc engine is sufficiently developed and no longer attractive to new manufacturers who want to get into the game. According to your point of view, the optimal displacement would be 600cc and he mentions that almost every country has its own 600cc Supersport championship. Makes a clear nod to SBK saying that there, almost all manufacturers have representation.

The message for Dorna and the FIM has been quite clear from the Australian coach:

Jeremy Burgess does not say anything about the CRT issue in these statements but he will surely have his opinion on it. He hopes with Valentino Rossi to be fighting for podium positions this year which will be difficult. Personally, I can only think of the following questions: Is 1000cc really doomed? Is CRT a covert way to test a mix between SBK and MotoGP? Moto2 is definitely the balance and they discovered with it the Holy Grail of racing ?.

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