MotoMadrid Hall 2012; ground floor and outdoor activities
MotoMadrid Hall 2012; ground floor and outdoor activities

We are already on the ground floor where the space is much wider and it has an indoor circuit where we could see some good trials exhibitions, also in the outdoor circuit of the enclosure we attended stunt exhibitions starring Carlos Balboa, but also mini-bikes, and children's mini-scooter, with the students of the XE Competition school.

One part of this ground floor that caught my attention was the one dedicated to an exhibition with numerous covers and photographs of the magazine Motociclismo that you can see in some of the photos in the gallery, but there were also a few exhibitors that had hundreds and hundreds of motor magazines and books for sale, where you could even find these very old copies. They had material for sale from 1951.

working the vinyl

The Mutua Madrileña stand is the first thing you come across when you go down the stairs offering to join the Mutua Motera Association club. They even have a PS3 to be able to entertain themselves but immediately a booth where they are working live and direct demands our attention. vinyl stickers of different colors and materials that can turn any part of your motorcycle as if it were carbon. Some Vinelit artists, besides seeing them work without leaving even the smallest mark on the vinyl is incredible, when the rest of the mortals even to stick a simple sticker already bubbles come out.

Home Motorcycling Nieto

But let's put the stands aside a bit and let's focus on the activities abroad that were prepared for anyone who visited the MotoMadrid 2012 show. So, as you can see, we had the opportunity to try the Bosch ABS on a sliding track prepared for the occasion. And despite the monitor's indications not to stick your legs out when you block the front wheel and it looks like you're going to fall, habit makes it almost a reflex movement. Unpleasant feeling of locking the two wheels and holding with all your might that the steering of the Kymco Super Dink does not close, but without a doubt effective the ABS.

Albi testing the ABS

As I also mentioned before, outside there was also a space reserved to be able to try a few scooters and electric motorcycles for a designed circuit around the pavilion and marked with cones, but it could also try other larger models like Triumph's Street Triple 675 or a Suzuki Intruder C 80.

Chicane with Mp3

Another of the strengths of the activities that awaited us abroad is to be able to try during a few laps of a circuit designed with chicanes a Piaggio MP3 and notice for yourself, how are the sensations that others have already told you. Despite the few laps they allow you to give the circuit, you immediately discover its advantages and disadvantages of the two front wheels.

With this photo gallery we conclude this virtual tour of MotoMadrid 2012

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