Joan Lascorz, status and latest news confirmed
Joan Lascorz, status and latest news confirmed

Throughout yesterday a piece of news was published in dozens of media that originated from the sensationalism of the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an article signed by Paolo Gozzi. However, prudence must be the predominant value in these cases and we must always abide by the official statements of the Provec Kawasaki team. Following the latter, we have considered it appropriate to publish a new post in which to tell what we have so far. I insist, always according to official and rigorous information, away from rumors and the desire for prominence of some unscrupulous journalist.

After the accident that took place at noon in Imola, the Catalan pilot was rushed by helicopter after being treated by the medical team on the circuit. Conscious and with symptoms of a scapula and clavicle fracture the most important injury was the elongation of the T6 vertebra, reason for which it was operated. Around 11 at night he left the operating room. Since then and until now the Kawasaki continues to sleep. Today Joan will be transferred by plane from the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna to the Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona where the specialist Enric Cáceres awaits you. You will have to wait at least 24 hours to know the consequences and extent of the injury.

Of course we are still pending of its status and of any update in this regard. We ask for prudence, respect and the encouragement and affection of our fans who love him so much.

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