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Enduro World Championship; Argentina, under a scorching sun
Enduro World Championship; Argentina, under a scorching sun

Once the first round of the Enduro World Championship was disputed in Chile, with an earthquake included, this weekend the second round was held in Argentina where 146 pilots of 18 nationalities they contested the race. The nationalities of the pilots were distributed as follows: 63 Argentine pilots, 21 Chilean, 20 French, 13 Italian, 8 Spanish, 5 Finnish, 4 Uruguayan and English, 3 Swedish, 2 Colombian and 1 representative from Germany, Belgium, Ecuador, Estonia, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland and Venezuela, until completing the 146 participants.

The Enduro GP of Argentina was held on a route traced at the foot of the Andes Mountains, which included three special tests near the city of San Juan. By having special sections that ran through the San Juan Fairgrounds, a lot of the public was able to follow the races closely. With temperatures that were around 30 degrees Surely it was the most exhausting race for the pilots of this recently started WEC 2012. In fact, as you can see in the videos, it seems that they are contesting the Dakar.

First day: Victory by Iván Cervantes

E1 Day One: Antoine Meo dominates

Antoine Meo (KTM) was unstoppable in Enduro 1, achieving another victory. Setting a dizzying pace from the first lap, only Frenchman Marc Bourgeois was able to follow him at a distance to finish in second position. Simone Albergoni (HM Honda) finished third and my countryman Lorenzo Santolino finished seventh. It seems that Antoine Meo (KTM) listened to our reader Sergio Serrano his comment in the Chile test and tries to sentence as soon as possible.

E1 classifications

E2 First day: Iván Cervantes breaks the streak

Iván Cervantes (Gas Gas) after a year and a half without achieving a victory was proclaimed the winner on this first day. Juha Salminen (Husqvarna) retired after a stone got caught between his sprocket and chain, locking the rear wheel. Incredible that such silly and rare breakdowns can put you out of the race. But in the video we can see Juha himself with the stick with which he tried to free the chain. With the elimination of the Husqvarna rider, Cervantes suddenly found himself with a 30-second lead, taking a well-deserved victory.

E2 classifications

E3 Day One: Christophe Nambotin is unforgiving

Frenchman Christophe Nambotin (KTM) continues setting the pace in Enduro3 after his double victory in Chile. David Knight (KTM) was the Frenchman's closest rival, finishing second but no less than 70 seconds behind his teammate. The third place went to Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg), Aigar Leok (TM Racing) was fourth after an accident in the Extreme Test made him give up the podium. Oriol Mena (E - Husaberg) was sixth, and Jordi Figueras (Gas Gas) tenth.

E3 Ratings

Second day: The leaders without surprises

E1 Second day: Unbeatable Antoine Meo again

It is the fourth consecutive victory for the French Antoine Meo (KTM) who is unbeatable in the category. In second place Simone Albergoni IT (HM Honda), third the Finn Eero Remes (KTM). Improving a lot compared to the first day of competition in Argentina, Lorenzo Santolino (Husqvarna) placed fourth fighting all day for a podium that narrowly escaped him.

Classifications E1 second day.

Provisional E1 Championship Classification

E2 Second day: Juha Salminen's turn

Juha Salminen Finland (Husqvarna) went all out in search of victory in Enduro 2, throughout the day he fought hard against Cristóbal Guerrero (KTM) and Iván Cervantes (Gas Gas), but Salminen once again won again. Guerrero overtook Cervantes by just three tenths of a second, allowing him to place second in the race and score enough points to achieve second place in the general classification of the world championship. Cervantes finished third and continues to be the leader of the E2 World Cup with a margin of 11 points with respect to Guerrero.

E2 classifications second day

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