Spanish roads are at the level of maintenance of the eighties
Spanish roads are at the level of maintenance of the eighties

While on the one hand I hear the comments that the new General State Budgets are going to tighten our already meager waist a little more, on the other I read with great horror that Spanish roads are at the level of the eighties as far as maintenance is concerned. Didn't they tell us not long ago that we were even going to be able to run a little more on our fantastic roads? It seems to me that we need some kind of clarification or at least to specify a little more these data.

The news on road maintenance has been published by El País based on data published by the Spanish Highway Association, an association chaired by Miguel Maria Muñoz, who was general director of traffic from 1988 to 1996. In this report 3,600 sections of 100 meters have been evaluated, which corresponds to 3.6 million square meters of asphalt, 3,600 traffic signs, 1,000 kilometers of road markings, 150,000 meters of metal barriers and 15,000 beacon elements. And the results are not exactly good. According to the association, 5,500 million euros would be necessary to undertake the repair of all the deficiencies detected, but the current government is only going to allocate 873 million euros to that item. And they still want us to run a little more on those roads?

We have fallen

Following with the breakdown that they have carried out in El País, it is necessary to replace some 325,000 signals that are in bad condition. 50,000 km of road markings must be repainted, 40% of the existing obstacles on the roadside must also be protected. In addition, it has been detected that 21% of the lights are off, while 51% of them work incorrectly. Overall, the situation is comparable to that of 1985 when the Spanish Highway Association began its studies.

It turns out that these billions of budget could be obtained in the case of failing to make 96 km of laying the AVE. So many people go in Spain by AVE? The president of the association says that the increase of the speed in some sections could be beneficial if it is done carefully and studying the sections in which it is done. Something that we all know that our politicians are specialists in always doing. (mode ironic off). Another detail that strikes me is that these studies stopped being carried out between 2005 and 2011. Didn't anyone want to “get caught” with bad data at that time? Be that as it may, Spanish roads are in pretty bad condition, although the state network approves more or less scraping, the roads managed by the Autonomous Communities and Provincial Councils do not pass in practically any aspect of those evaluated. Ladies and gentlemen politicians, you are running out of credit with citizens. We already know that until today the management has been done very badly, but if from now on that management is not improved either, in the end the situation will be unsustainable and a pissed off people is very difficult to satisfy. Give a review of the last revolutions that have occurred in the world and put your beards to soak.

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