Promoting the North West 200 2012
Promoting the North West 200 2012

There is just over a month to go until the week of May 13 will host one of the classic events in the world of road racing, the North West 200. Perhaps the second most important after the mythical Tourist Trophy. With so little time ahead, the organization has wanted to make sure to create the maximum expectation, attracting fans to the cold coast and leaving those who cannot go with the desire. That is why he has already prepared a great promo video of the races this year that we hope are not like last year.

Most of the leading drivers will be there because, apart from the race, it serves as the last of the previous tests to set sail for the Isle of Man. Testing suspensions, engines, swing arms and set-ups, well-known faces such as the from Antonio Maeso, Cameron Donald, Bruce Anstey, Connor Cummins or Guy Martin. Remember that here you run in the traditional way, without any time limit, Giving gas from the starting gun to the checkered flag.

Without entertaining you more, I leave you with the assembly of the organization that it will make you think twice about the place of your next vacation.

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