Dani Pedrosa caught cheating in a yacht skipper test
Dani Pedrosa caught cheating in a yacht skipper test

While we wait for Joan Lascorz to leave the operating room, the anecdote of the day has been sponsored Dani pedrosa for something really different. It is not that he has made some surprising inflammatory statements, nor that he has swept the last tests prior to Qatar. Dani is today the protagonist because has been caught cheating on a test to be a yachtsman.

The Sabadell pilot with residence in Switzerland was being examined at the Polytechnic University of Valencia along with many other people while the Civil Guard monitored the test from the adjoining classroom. At the moment, a total of 21 people have been arrested for fraud, four of whom were in charge of giving the answers. The plot was based on a nautical school in the city that filtered the correct answers for a price between 2,000 and 2,500 euros. It has been confirmed that only the exams of those caught cheating will be voided. Dani Pedrosa, for his part, has not been long in coming out to show his face apologizing:

If nothing else happens, we won't hear from anything else until next Thursday, the day when, like most riders, they will travel to Qatar to prepare for the first MotoGP race of the year.

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