Gloves with rear view for bicycles, should our neighbors and road companions equip themselves?
Gloves with rear view for bicycles, should our neighbors and road companions equip themselves?

Our colleague Josep Camós, puts us on the trail of this unique invention of which you can read an article on our sister blog, Circula Seguro. This is a motorcycle blog and I think this news invites reflection. But first we are going to briefly review this creation by a group of cycling fans, although the images speak for themselves. A small piece of glass, which may well be unbreakable plastic, and a small twist of the wrist can greatly increase the safety of our fellow travelers. It is known by all that we share roads with cyclists. Some of us surely have both hobbies, cycling and motorcycles.

Who has not found a group of cyclists in the middle of the mountain pass?. They have the right to circulate on the road respecting the rules, it would only be missing! The road belongs to everyone. But the law is not always followed, the authorities are not always asked for permission to use certain roads, not always a maximum of two bicycles circulate in parallel. Motorcycles also sometimes do not respect such basic things as leaving the safety distance when overtaking bicycles or signaling lane movements appropriately. This great little invention such as the Guanver raises two questions for me. The first is if the cyclist for safety should wear a minimum of safety equipment as we motorcyclists do because in their case I think that a helmet is not enough. And the second is how we motorcyclists view cyclists. As a sample, a button below.


And is that I couldn't have the closest examplealthough it has been by city and not on the highway. I find myself stopped at a traffic light before a roundabout and a group of cyclists you skip the red light. When the last cyclist passes the traffic light turns green, I go out and pass one of them, the furthest behind since the rest of the group has negotiated the roundabout. As I said, the furthest behind is on the straight before the roundabout when I overtake it signaling my maneuver and then I move to the right when this cyclist is scared, I suppose because of the noise of the motorcycle.

While I'm the one who makes the roundabout I see out of the corner of my eye the cyclist waving his hands and throwing out of his mouth what I suppose will be expletives of all kinds. Obviously I don't hear anything from wearing my full face helmet. And I honestly don't get it. The red light is jumped and therefore it does not know when the rest of the vehicles have the green light to resume driving. I pass him by signaling correctly, with a safety margin and he gets angry. The truth is that this time the Guanver could have been quite good for our "friend" cyclist who despite running the traffic lights could have seen the rest of the vehicles in front of him through the rear-view mirror of his glove.

Regardless of the Guanver's functionality as a safety element for cyclists, I sincerely wonder if these kinds of gadgets should be a must for cyclists just like motorcyclists, we are forced to wear our regulatory helmet and mirrors built into the motorcycle. I am not in favor of imposing and I believe that people should equip themselves for their own safety and initiative but I think that in the case of road cyclists, their minimum equipment needs revision.

Answering the question of how I see cyclists, I admit that on the road I have observed everything but unfortunately I have only found people circulating in a peloton and in a bad way. I know they are not the majority, but it is what I have seen on the mountain roads that I have near my town. That law of two bicycles in parallel as long as they do not impede the movement of other vehicles It has sometimes become groups of bicycles with their gathering cyclists. It is not about mistreating a group with which we share something as important as the road we travel on, it's about getting all of us in agreement.

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