Supersport Italia 2012: Fabien Foret prevails in the duel of generations
Supersport Italia 2012: Fabien Foret prevails in the duel of generations

You are not a world champion by chance. Despite not having the support of the factory like Kenan Sofuoglu's motorcycle, for example, Fabien Foret must always enter the stakes. Today the French taught the new generations that it takes a lot more than talent to win a raceLet's not talk about a championship anymore. Your victim, or apprentice, has been Sam lowes, happy with the lesson and the good result.

But the race started very differently. Kenan started from third position, despite having undergone surgery recently, and from the front row of the grid he placed himself in front of the peloton. They were followed by Sam Lowes, his teammate Sheridan Morais, Jules Cluzel and Fabien Foret. Unfortunately the Turk slipped into the chicane that leads to the "straight" finish. As is often the case when shortening the track, he returned to the track, letting his closest rivals pass him. But it is known that this was not enough for the strict Italian race direction and They showed the Ride Through sign to 54.

And here the career changed. First because Jules lost his grip as he left the chicane saying goodbye to the testAnd second, because Kenan did not see, or did not want to see, the signs that his teammates were showing him in the pit. In this way, the black flag was raised and Sofuoglu signed a zero after so much effort. Despite snatching two great reasons for a tremendous end of the race, the race continued alive with Sheridan, Sam and Fabien Foret. Unfortunately the South African cAyĆ³ after making the same mistake when braking the now famous chicane which left the fight for victory in the hands of Lowes and Foret. The Kawasaki managed to get the necessary advantage to go through the goal in first position While Ronan Quarmby and Roberto Tamburini fought for third place from the podium in a spectacular last lap.

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