ZBoard, electric skateboard with Segway technology
ZBoard, electric skateboard with Segway technology

What happens if we put together the technology of a Segway and a team of electric propulsion? Pes the answer has been found by the boys of ZBoard. This, said like this, sounds very simple, it is not so simple, because you have to combine the technology of the motor and the battery with the system that detects when you lean the body forward or backward. The solution seems most interesting to me.

Of course, it is not a motorcycle as such, not even one of those mono-cycles that are becoming so fashionable, but I have to admit that when they sent me the track I was a little open-mouthed when I saw the invention. In my opinion, the only thing I think is missing is to be able to disconnect the electric traction to give it on foot. Although thus propelling a skateboard that weighs 16 kg in the most economical version or 14 kg in which you use a battery LiFePo4 it should only be available to the fittest.

The video below is explicit enough that it doesn't need translation.

Thanks CefeSky of the Nasgul on the track.

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