Brough Superior SS100, the Rolls Royce of motorcycles again on the market
Brough Superior SS100, the Rolls Royce of motorcycles again on the market

In the summer of 2008 the news broke that the legendary Brough Superior brand had been acquired by Mark Upham, a British businessman interested in the brand since 1977. Almost four years later I read on Motorcyclist On Line the news that if you have $ 250,000 you can buy one of the new Brough Superior SS100 to be manufactured again. But pay attention, because it is not about any motorcycle to which the emblem of the original brand is applied, but it is about faithful reproductions of the original model designed at the beginning of the 20th century. Of course, manufactured with current technology and also current materials, but strictly faithful to the original.

The explanation given by the current owner of the brand is that after acquiring it they set out to manufacture spare parts for the original motorcycles, and some time later they realized that they had enough material to assemble complete motorcycles. Anyone with a modicum of business sense would have quickly seen the deal. So soon we can buy (for a good million) a Brough Superior exactly like the ones T. E. Lawrence drove (the famous Lawrence of Arabia) although we hope we do not end up as the British military man.

This leads me to make a reflection that I think has already passed through here. If someone is capable of manufacturing all the necessary parts to re-manufacture a motorcycle like this Why can't we end up seeing an OSSA, Montesa or Bultaco replica of the original models? If our most famous Spanish motorcycles used a much more “walk-around” technology than the Broug Superior and therefore much easier to replicate with current technology. Of course, the holders of the rights of those brands, I'm sure they have them kept under seven keys and a good pile of 500 euro bills.

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