The Vectrix VX-3 lands in Spain
The Vectrix VX-3 lands in Spain

As we were advised in a comment by edoardok La Vectrix VX-3 is the electric three-wheeled motorcycle of the brand, and as the people of Going Green have warned us in their last press release, this Vectrix VX-3 can be purchased in Spain from next March. Although it should be noted that the final price of the motorcycle will be around 9,600 euros, including taxes and discounting government aid.

The characteristics of this motorcycle are that it is capable of reaching 110 km / h, which has a range between 80 and 128 km depending on your riding style and traffic conditions. Acceleration from 0 to 80 km / h is 8.25 seconds and you can drive with the B license as if it were a 125 cc, although they say it has the performance of a 250 cc.

The front end, with two wheels in the style of the Piaggio MP3, uses a system called e-lock that allows to lock the suspension below 8 km / h and that facilitates parking. This system is deactivated as soon as that speed is exceeded. It also features Vectrix energy recovery technology that is activated by turning the grip counterclockwise. The economic data indicate that with the Vectrix VX-3 it costs us 0.6 euros per 100 km driven and its lithium batteries can be recharged to 80% of their capacity in just two and a half hours.

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