The most frequent breakdowns in our motorcycles
The most frequent breakdowns in our motorcycles

Reading the Metzeler blog "Ridexperience" we have had access to the data provided by the European Vehicle Warranty Network Group (REGV) on the most frequent breakdowns suffered by our motorcycles. And curiously, as motorcycles evolve, their breakdowns also evolve. We no longer only find purely mechanical failures in the “TOP five” of the most common breakdowns.

As you can suppose, it enters the list of the most common failures, the purely electrical or electronic ones that were not even taken into account before. A good example of this are the control units that manage engine operation. Furthermore, these types of failures are among the most expensive to repair. This is how the study tells us that the replacement or repair of the alternator is around 600 Euros and the failures related to the ECUs around 800 €.

Marc Marquez, Portugal 2010

But of course, although it is not reflected in said study, when they speak, for example, of the fourth most common fault for which a motorcycle or scooter enters a workshop to be repaired, it is fuel pump (7% of breakdowns) and that its arrangement can amount to 500 Euros on average. The repair of the fault does not go through the repair of the part that caused the failure. In most of the workshops that I know, repairs as such have gone down in history. And the solution for the failure of the fuel pump will be to change it completely and not repair it. This is a situation that often makes the repair more expensive.

But let's continue with the most frequent breakdowns that get me distracted. The award to the most common fault takes it with 15% the clutch related problems and its average repair cost is usually around 300 Euros. And in the fifth position, closing the list of most common failures, is the damage to the gaskets and conduits that produce oil leaks and fluid leaks with 5% and the average cost of repairing this type of breakdown is € 180.

If I look at my own experience, precisely the last breakdowns that have been my luck, are these of oil leaks and fluid losses. What about you?

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