The dangerous curves of Tail of the Dragon
The dangerous curves of Tail of the Dragon

Long ago we named the one on Mulholland Highway near Malibu the title of “Most Famous Curve on the Net”. Surely more than once you have seen more than one video on the Rnickymouse YouTube channel recorded on this curve. But on the net there many other roads and curves that we can see, since thousands of Internet users have posted their videos daily and tell their experiences.

In this case we are going to talk about the Dragon tail an interstate highway beginning in North Carolina, at the junction of US129 and NC28, and winding along 318 curves in just 18 kilometers through the Smoky Mountains and its beautiful national park. Surely this route is more famous than the curve of Mulholland Highway but we better watch a video about “Tail of the Dragon”.

Vic06 already told us a long time ago that the fame and the videos posted on the network had made the police from two states migrate to this highway, to try to stop the madness of more than one reckless person who traveled to it with the intention of doing the route as quickly as possible. Sample of it is the tree of shame that appears in the video and that reminds all those who have tried to complete the route without success.

And the truth is that watching the video, roads with very similar curves are everywhere in the world, I can think of a few here in Spain. But it seems that this route has become a kind of "Yankee pilgrimage." You just have to go through the page of Tail of the Dragon and you can see "the Circus" that is mounted along the road.

From hotels and apartments for rent, to workshops where you can rent a motorcycle or repair the one you carry, passing through bars, restaurants and even an official photographer of the Dragon's tail that leads since 2001 photographing not only those who travel there to make the route, but he has also captured an accident live on more than one occasion.

In short, another beautiful route to go to enjoy it and not to do “the fast lap”, which is what the circuits are for.

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