Jaume Betriu is proclaimed Champion of Spain of Cross Country 2012
Jaume Betriu is proclaimed Champion of Spain of Cross Country 2012

The fifth date of the Spanish Cross Country Championship it took place last week in Guadalajara. Juan Pérez de la Torre (KTM) arrived as the leader after three victories and a second place although Jaume betriu (Husaberg) was on his heels thanks also to his consistency, with a victory and three second places. Although everything seemed expensive for the KTM rider, the last date would bring us a big surprise.

The race, with tough terrain that allowed for the appearance of a lot of dust, was punctuated by countless incidents. Juan Pérez de la Torre led the test followed by Jaume Betriu but with barely half an hour left for the end of the test, the championship leader was going to the ground and could not continue in the race, leaving the victory in this last appointment on a tray to Jaume betriu and furthermore, proclaiming Cross Country Champion of Spain 2012. Behind Jaume Betriu he was classified in second position Miquel García and Ramón Quer, third, who would also be proclaimed Champion of the Junior category 2012.

Podium Guadalajara

Statements Jaume Betriu:

Cross Country Guadalajara Classification: * 1. Jaume Betriu (Husaberg), 2: 30: 06.160 * 2. Miquel Garcia (Husaberg), +3: 54.978 * 3. Ramón Quer (Sherco), +6: 30.746 * 4. Borja Nieto (Husaberg), + 8: 38.265 * 5. Luis A. Ayensa (Beta), +9: 18.671

Final General Classification: * 1. Jaume Betriu (Husaberg), 116 points * 2. Juan Pérez de la Torre (KTM), 97 pts. * 3. Miquel García (Gas Gas), 96 pts. * 4. Carlos Enrique Caballero (KTM), 71 pts. * 5. Marcos Barbero (KTM), 47 pts.

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