Supersport Australia 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu returns through the front door and takes the victory
Supersport Australia 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu returns through the front door and takes the victory

What a season awaits us in Supersport! If we have already enjoyed the first Superbike race (we were looking forward to racing), in Supersport we have attended a real show, with five riders who have offered us a vibrant race on the circuit of Phillip Island. In the end, the winner was the Turk Kenan Sofuoglu, that in his favorite category he does not care what motorcycle they throw at him and he has won with the Kawasaki ZX-6R. Come on, he has returned ready to take the third title of his life.

First of all, it should be noted that the race was very short, only fifteen laps and less than twenty-five minutes long. What has been the reason? Well, the high temperatures ate the tires Pirelli in a devilish way, making it impossible for the twenty-one laps to last that it was initially programmed. But hey, they say that the good is short twice as good, and judging by what we have seen, it is not without reason.

The traffic light went out and one of the clear candidates for the title, Sam Lowes, it came out like an exhalation. They were closely followed by a Jules Cluzel magnificent in its premiere in Supersport and a Fabien Foret that he continues to fight as if he were a young man who is just starting out. The fact is that Kenan came out without making much noise, but little by little he approached the head positions.

If we add to those already named Broc Parkes, we have the five drivers who have kept us awake without problems. Endless overtaking and constant changes of leader: from Lowes to Foret to Cluzel, great! And as if this were not enough, the thrill has remained until the end, because just when it seemed that Sofuoglu was irretrievably escaping, a Foret hit him on the last lap, finishing in a very good second position, confirming the good performance of the Kawasaki.

Alex Baldolini

The third step of the podium was achieved in extremis by Broc Parkes, who the truth was more subdued than we all expected after he had taken pole and played at home. Of course, here the friend Broc has stolen the podium from Cluzel, who has not deserved to finish outside the privileged places. The truth is that I already have one of the pilots in French that I will follow and support in the category. Admittedly, it has adapted perfectly.

For his part, Lowes was fifth in the end, as he had the odd little problem that made him move away from the leading group, presumably the tires could not hold him. Sixth has been Sheridan Morais while seventh ended Ronan Quarmby. Also mention some old acquaintances, such as the eighth square of Alex Baldolini or the tenth of Lukas Pesek.

Well, this has finally started to shoot, and at the moment we are having a great time. Let's see what happens in the second Superbike race, where we hope that good old Carlos Checa will have better luck. As far as Supersport is concerned, you know, Kenan Sofuoglu starts out setting the pace, although there is an interesting group of pilots that will surely make us enjoy. We will see that this has only just begun.

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