The ultimate motorcycle lock, getting closer and closer
The ultimate motorcycle lock, getting closer and closer

Neither disc padlocks, nor chains with anti-cut treatments, or alarms with GPS tracking, are the solution to prevent the theft of our motorcycles. Of course, whatever it takes to make it difficult for thieves will help keep our prized motorcycle in our possession. The truth is that almost everyone existing systems on the market are sabotaged by friends of others.

But at last it seems that the way has been found to achieve the ultimate anti-theft that will be able to effectively deal with any thief who tries to take our motorcycle by force. But of course, not everything was going to be so nice, now the system is effectively tested on bicycles and we hope that in a short time we can see him ready for our motorcycles. Let's see how it works in a video.

What would be a good idea?

I do not know what the city councils would think thus use urban furniture, but getting on the lamppost to steal the motorcycle or in this case the bicycle would be more of a task for a trapeze artist from the Circo del Sol than a thief.

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