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The websites of motorcycle manufacturers in depth (I)
The websites of motorcycle manufacturers in depth (I)

In a period of more or less five years, the change they have made The web pages of most of the motorcycle manufacturers that are sold in our country have been very large. Updated in design and content, are increasingly visited by Internet users in search of first-hand information about their products. Either to check prices, view photos and videos, or consult data such as manuals and maintenance tables. With blogs and forums of users, we can say that they form the three basic pillars of internet consultation when you need information on a specific motorcycle model. Especially if it is part of a possible purchase.

In this first part we review the web pages of the four main Japanese manufacturers: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki. For our evaluation we will take into account parameters such as structure and navigation, the Easy to use, the multimedia content, the aesthetics and presentation, the product information clear and concise and general structure. Let's see how the web behaves, if what it is about is to find all the possible information about a particular motorcycle model.

HONDA website


We start with the website of the brand with the golden wing, Honda. With a flat and simple design, the first impression it gives is of a simple and uncomplicated web but it is appreciated that on the main page, everything is visible and accessible. Although from the outset it gives a lot of importance to the news, as we say, everything is very visible scrolling down until you see the practical map of the entire web at the end of the home page.

If you are clear about the model you want and what interests you are the prices and promotionsYou will have the list at two mouse clicks and one, the corresponding section to manage the financing of your motorcycle if we decide on the financial of the brand. The downloads of the motorcycle owner's manuals they are also very handy. Personally, it is something that I have always looked for when buying a new motorcycle on the manufacturer's website since the manual usually contains the type of maintenance that the motorcycle requires.

The test units available, depending on your geographical area, they are also located quickly. If we access a specific model, we will have a menu on the left of the screen with all the options to choose from, such as data sheet, characteristics, current price and current promotions, along with the color and video selector. In the video section, Honda has a channel called HondaTV in which to watch videos of its motorcycles as well as curiosities, opinion of press and competition testers. There is a used motorcycle section with a list of adhered dealers and regulations but we have not been able to see any list or photo of the motorcycles offered.

*Positive points:

As positive points we would highlight the Honda website, the simplicity above all. As we said, a priori it may seem simple due to its inconspicuous design but above all it has a lot of information on its home page along with the Web map at the end of it that allows us to move to any corner of your website without wasting a lot of browsing time. The important thing we will have at hand. The navigation is fast and intuitive and it is easy to find the information we need.

*Bad points:

As negative points, that simplicity in design That may seem boring or serious to more than one user. At our discretion, some photographs of the models are missing. There is an accessory configurator available, (buildyourhonda), with a very good web aspect but somewhat hidden since it is only seen at the bottom of the motorcycle models page and not in accessories or on the home page as a separate item to select.. Estimated prices for revisions are not available maintenance or the intervals of these inspections in a space reserved for this purpose.

YAMAHA website


We go in second place with the brand of tuning forks, Yamaha. From the outset, and at first glance, we have a home page with good aesthetics and impressive at the photography level. Although it is based on a central section with the news and below this, some scrollable boxes, all the bulk of the navigation is at the top but without having a sitemap drop-down if not that it is a small text to click at the bottom of the page.

Yamaha manages the information on prices and promotions on the one hand visiting the motorcycle that we want to choose or clicking on a box on the home page. In the selected motorcycle, he always gives us its price and if it is on sale. Clicking on the box shows us all promoted models. The download of manuals is located clearly visible in the motorcycle section at a click of the mouse. There are two paintings on view to offer motorcycle insurance and a dealer locator with test drives.

It has a good used motorcycle finder, but on your home page. It is a large and visible box that is omitted once you enter the section of new motorcycles, of course. And one of the strengths of the Yamaha website It is the maintenance simulator where it indicates the price of the revisions according to the mileage of the different motorcycle models. It also has a search engine to access the e-catalog, where to find all the spare parts we need.

The information viewing of motorcycles is well resolved although it can be somewhat slow. From a panel with all the models, we go to a tab if we select one. Not very big and prominent, although visible, there is a clickable text to see all the details that gives way to very elaborate cards and multimedia content. Highlight the quality of your photos in this section and that has a model comparator.

*Positive points:

As positive points of the Yamaha website, we highlight above all the transparency, at least on paper, of the maintenance price calculator and the search engine used motorcycles, necessary in these times of recession. Very good aesthetics of your website with those white and gray backgrounds that are pleasing to the eye.

*Bad points:

As negative points we can say that there are times that it costs to navigate and find some information due to the small size of the texts that contain links and the lack of a drop down web map at the bottom of the home page.

KAWASAKI website


Kawasaki offers us a less flat and more modern page dominated by black and green, colors of war oblige. Of good reading and navigation, its home page is dominated by the news and the star models that are passing in a kind of carousel. The rest are tables that change according to business needs. At this time, the financing configurator is the one who is present. It has a digital magazine, GreenBox, available for download and at the end we find the practical web map.

Yes we look for pricesYou just have to click on motorcycles and we will see miniatures of all the models along with their price, although there is a table on the home page where it informs us of the models in promotion. We also have the accessories prices selecting a specific motorcycle in the corresponding section. Financing options, as we said above, are available on the home page, as well as a price calculator for insurance. Downloading owner's manuals or maintenance section Are not avaliables and there is also no search engine for used motorcycles. Browse to find a motorcycle and all your information is very well resolved. We click on one of the models that appear in the thumbnails and go to a perfectly organized section where to see characteristics, download catalogs and review photos and videos.

*Positive points:

The positive points of the Kawasaki website are a comfortable navigation and a very clear structure with everything at hand together with a nice design. Having a magazine is also an extra to take into account. Another good thing about the Kawasaki website is that you can check old model files.

*Bad points:

Few negative aspects can we put to this website that do not go through the absence of the mentioned owner's manual download section and a workshop or maintenance section.

SUZUKI website


Suzuki proposes a home page for its website in the style news blog with different sections and access to micro-sites of certain models. A bar with links under animations of new models will serve to move through the sections of your website. The style is too plain and too flat. It is practical but not very flashy. There is no dedicated web map, neither on the home page nor as clickable text.

The prices must be found by going to the motorcycle models that we want to consult. There is at the time of this review a promotions section at the bottom of the home page but inconspicuous and empty. We do not know if it is due to the absence of promotions today. There is no section for used motorcycles. For the accessories, which appear in the section common to the chosen motorcycle model, the prices do not come either. Yes the factory references. These prices must be found in the accessories section of the upper navigation bar. There is no manual download section owner of motorcycle models nor workshop sectionNeither search engine for used motorcycles. We do not see financing options or hiring motorcycle insurance.

Navigating the Suzuki web is not complicated, though It is the one that requires more mouse clicks for the same task, with inconsistencies such as the aforementioned in the price of accessories that forces us to change the menu, or to have two web browser windows open, if we want to compare an accessory with its corresponding price. Once you get to the motorcycle tabs, the information is complete and it is in line with the rest of the websites analyzed with the plus of being able to review models from previous years. To highlight one good video section.

*Positive points:

The positive points of the Suzuki website are that, although simple, it is a web with a clear interface. It is a good contribution to have a consultation for old models and a video section.

*Bad points:

The negative points would be the numerous absences, manuals, financing, workshop, etc. Although it seems impossible to us that all this has escaped those responsible for Suzuki. They may think that there are steps that it is better to do at the dealership and clear your website more.

Last conclusions

Seeing what Japanese motorcycle manufacturers offer on their respective websites, we cannot tell if there is a clear winner or loser. It's not about that. The information, regarding your motorcycle models, is what it is. That is, with more or less graceful designs, everyone complies with a lot of information about it. There are only bulky differences in the services offered, and here the perfect website would be the one that could offer all of them and in the most transparent way possible. Personally, if we have to "get wet", the one who writes this article would stay with the websites of Equal parts Yamaha and Kawasaki followed by that of Sling and ending with that of Suzuki. In the next few days we will analyze four websites of European motorcycle manufacturers and, incidentally, we will see if there are differences with the ones we review in this article.

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