To Pikes Peak with Tremoto's 3Z1
To Pikes Peak with Tremoto's 3Z1

If you do not know Pikes Peak, stop by and read this great article by our colleague Carlos D. to put yourself in the situation. Since this time we are going to talk about the prototypes of Tremoto, a North American company that has specialized in equipping any motorcycle with a suspension system for two front wheels by means of an articulated quadrilateral that can reach inclinations of about 50 degrees.

Come on, like the system of a piaggio MP3 but on motorcycles like the Ducati Monster or Kawasaki Z1000. In addition, Tremoto, who is pending a patent for his system, indicates that he can transform any motorcycle for a price, depending on the motorcycle model, which is around $ 10,000 to $ 14,000. Undoubtedly, it seems that this type of vehicle is imposing itself due to its functionality and easy handling to other less successful options such as trikers or quads.

Tremoto's first creation was called Monstrosity 620, based on the Ducati Monster of the same displacement with which they performed more than 2,500 miles of testing throughout the American circuits and events. Its creators highlight above all the agility and security It provides driving in the rain or even on off-road terrain. They also indicate that the motorcycle was homologated to be able to circulate in the United States but I imagine that doing the same in Europe would be quite expensive.

His second creation the 3Z1 born with a goal, to participate in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which attracts all types of vehicles to climb the mountain road in record time and a good place to test not only knee stability on the ground in any type of asphalt curve, but also to demonstrate its full potential on the dirtiest sections or of land where its advantage is greater compared to traditional models.

According to Tremoto, the Z1 has 125CV at 10,000 revolutions and the additional weight when mounting this entire two-wheel system increases by about 20 kilos.

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