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Superbikes Australia 2012: of bulls, kangaroos and lettuces at 300km / h
Superbikes Australia 2012: of bulls, kangaroos and lettuces at 300km / h

There is no more time for preparations, no more pre-tests, no more adjustments, no surprising signings or meaningless moves. Grill Superbikes in 2012 she is ready to start a new adventure, a new challenge where the victories you have achieved in the past no longer have any importance, where only the present and the future count. No matter what your name is, from now on you start from scratch, it is time to show your worth. In addition, we do it in a circuit with as much experience as entertainment has given viewers, Phillip Island, both in its forms and in its environment.

And so they have demonstrated it again this year. The Australian circuit is located in an enviable nature reserve and the pilots take advantage of the stay there for weeks to enjoy the good weather they have in the other hemisphere. Surfing, going out on a mountain bike or with peculiar races organized by the championship like the one today where the pilots had the challenge of dividing a herd of sheep into two groups. The Aussies prevailed for more than a minute … although revenge is yet to come.

Because Carlos Checa has already shown that despite having a bike that has been doubted in recent seasons, the performance on the Australian track is still very high. Although higher has been the Tom Sykes on board the Kawasaki ZX-10R. His piloting is not only incredible for the viewer but also brings out a great benefit of the qualities of lettuce. Tom himself and the team manager, Guim Roda, have been in charge of the presentation in society:

As Guim acknowledges, the results obtained in these tests have been really encouraging and now the goal is to be just as fast for 21 more laps. Coordination work in the team will also be very important so as not to get left behind in the Superpole sessions. An aspect that Honda pilots and himself Ronald ten Kate highlights in the introduction of the Honda World Superbike team.

It will be very important and sure that the experience works in your favor. Jonathan Rea's goal is once again the world champion title now that they have managed to equalize the forces against the rest of the competitors. But the truth is that the season presents itself with many more applicants than expected. If to the favorites we add the Ducati 1098R by Silvain Gyntoli or Kuba Smrz, Davide Giuliano or the official Kawasaki team, we should have as a result one of the most entertaining years in the history of the championship. Which by the way will be 25 years old when I start next weekend.

Of the injured Leon Haslam, who has undergone surgery a few hours ago, will try to participate in the race with the help of painkillers.

Supersport, young talents hunting for experienced ones

Broc parkes

Kenan Sofuoglu He has returned to the category after going through the Moto2 World Championship with more pain than glory. Here, at home, he signed for the project he had prepared Kawasaki with the ZX-6R. It is not surprising, because the Japanese factory is making a large investment in competition and this year he opts to take the titles of several championships at the same timeSee CEV, British Superbikes, SBK and the 600cc class itself. And to do so, could there be a better option than a two-time world champion driver? But to top it all, in case the Turk fails, they have another well-known pilot in the category: Fabien Foret.

To avoid it will be the Australian Broc parkes With the Honda of the team of ten Kate, Sam lowes after having had a year of ups and downs and Jules Cluzel, of whom we cannot doubt that he keeps a great talent within. Unfortunately we will not have any Spanish rider as it was already a custom with Joan Lascorz and David Salom.

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