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Aprilia Shiver 750, test (evaluation and technical sheet)
Aprilia Shiver 750, test (evaluation and technical sheet)

We return after four days to Vespa Gijón to return the Aprilia Shiver 750 They kindly gave us for the test and we discussed some impressions with them. We have also used the last kilometers to write down some details so that they are not left in the inkwell.

For example, we will start by talking about the consumption we had during the test in which we have circulated approximately 30% by city and 70% by road. This has been from 6.2 l / 100, quite far from the 5.4 l / 100 that the instrument panel computer gave us. Although it is relatively high for a 750cc twin, the motorcycle the entire filming process is missing so once finished, it will surely be something less than six liters.

Aprilia Shiver 750

The Aprilia Shiver 750 It has a 15-liter tank, so its theoretical autonomy would be around approximately 240 kilometers, a little more finished filming, enough to make us a route with guarantees of not being every so often stopping to refuel. The panel does not have an indicator but does have a reserve witness.

Another of the witnesses that we have and that we have not commented on is the over-regime, in my opinion almost testimonial because it is too small And when it turns on, it's hard to see clearly. It shares functions with the anti-theft warning when it is parked and is programmable from the menu every 100 laps to put it to our liking.

If we talk about the under seat capacity To carry, for example, an anti-theft device, forget about it. There is no room for anything. Well yes, for the tool bag and nothing else. Of course, access to the battery, for example, is very easy and simple, in case we have to start it at a given moment with tweezers. Access is also very easy since the lock is visible on the side of the left-hand tail cover.

Aprilia Shiver 750

Magnificent detail of the drive of the long. It is integrated into the blast button instead of being a separate button as in most motorcycles at the top of the pineapple. In this way, and without having to release any finger from the fist, we can switch between the high beam and the low beam easily. We will only have to push the button / lever forward with the index or pull it backwards. And speaking of the lighting, I did not have the opportunity to test it thoroughly at night but the little that coincided with me seemed enough to carry out night driving in total safety.

We leave the versions and the price for the end. Right now, the Aprilia Shiver 750 is in promotion, both the normal tested and the version equipped with ABS and their prices are, respectively, € 7,169 and € 7,539, including registration. A very good price for a two-cylinder that, except for some details, has seemed very balanced.

Aprilia Shiver 750

Aprilia Shiver 750:

  • Motor:
    • Type: Aprilia V90 90 ° longitudinal V-twin, 4-stroke, DOHC head controlled mixed gear / chain drive, four valves per cylinder.
    • Displacement: 749.9 cm³
    • Power max. dec.: 95 hp at 9,000 rpm
    • Torque max. dec: 81 Nm at 7,000 rpm
  • Transmission:
    • Clutch: Multi-disc in oil bath with hydraulic control
    • Change: 6 speeds
    • Transmission: By chain. Gear ratio 16/44
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: Inverted fork, 43mm stanchions, 120mm travel
    • Rear: Aluminum alloy swingarm with reinforcements. Hydraulic shock absorber adjustable in rebound and spring preload, 130mm of travel
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Double stainless steel floating disc. 4 piston radial caliper. Braided steel hoses, 320mm discs
    • Rear: Stainless steel disc. 1 piston caliper. Steel braided hoses, 240mm disc
  • Wheels:
    • Front: 3, 50 × 17”. Aluminum alloy, 120/70 ZR 17. Tubeless radial
    • Rear: 5.5 × 17”. Aluminum alloy, 180/55 ZR 17. Tubeless radial
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length: 2,265 mm
    • Wheelbase: 1,440 mm
    • Seat height: 800 mm
    • Fuel tank: 15 liters
    • Average consumption measured: 6.2 liters
    • Dry weight: N / A kg
  • Assessment:
    • Engine: 6
    • Stability: 7, 5
    • Suspensions: 7
    • Brakes: 9
    • Aesthetics: 9, 5
    • Finishes: 9
    • Rider comfort: 8, 5
    • Passenger comfort: 6
    • Average rating: 7, 81
    • Pros: Rider comfort, brakes, technology
    • Against: Rear suspension, engine at low revs, gear indicator
  • Price: € 7,169 registered normal version, € 7,539 registered ABS version

Note: The Aprilia Shiver 750 was loaned by the Vespa Gijón dealer. Gasoline expenses have been borne by the publisher. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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