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The sound of the Moto3 four-stroke
The sound of the Moto3 four-stroke

How the last times that I have talked about the new category of MotoGP, the Moto3It seems that people have thought that I am completely in favor of four-stroke engines and that they have replaced two-stroke engines in the world championships. Today we are going to plant our feet on the ground and let's see what awaits us in the next races of the 2012 World Cup. We could already see a preview of how the bikes sound in the video comment that snorri left us in the article with the first photos of the KTM Moto3.

But what you see in the video they have posted on Asphalt & Rubber what we hear is to cry in the corners. Cleverly the editors of our English counterpart say that it is a purr. But I would dare to qualify it more as a fart, but fart with mute. And that the KTM engines seem to have become the reference of the category, since even the almighty Team Aspar it uses them, combined with a chassis developed by Kalex.

Moto3 on the straight at the Cheste circuit (Valencia)

KTM Moto3 warming up engines in Jerez

Welcome to the lawnmower races!

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