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Aprilia Shiver 750, test (highway driving and passenger)
Aprilia Shiver 750, test (highway driving and passenger)

We merge into the acceleration lane of the highway while we are splicing gears one after another. Once at legal cruising speed, we let the Aprilia Shiver 750 As much as possible is transmitted to us, and we are memorizing it so that we can later tell you about the different sensations that this Italian has given us during the test.

For example, they notice two points of vibrations more accused of the engine. They do not become completely annoying but they are perfectly perceived on the feet. On the one hand when the engine speed is at 4,000 or 4,500 laps and later on 6,500 laps. Playing with the change I observe that on this motorcycle the sixth is very long, ideal for taking the engine off steam and achieving low consumption but counterproductive if we drop the speed to 90 or 100 km / h and then we want to accelerate forcefully again. Either we slow down or it will take two chirios to regain speed since the engine is out of the good zone that we mentioned yesterday.

Aprilia Shiver 750

Secondly the posture is very comfortable. Despite the fact that we do not have any aerodynamic protection, our forearms or wrists will practically not tire us at all and the seat, very wide and much softer at the back, will allow us to change our posture frequently to avoid getting tired. The stirrups will not force us to have our feet excessively flexed, so the knees will not suffer too much. Finally, the wind is effectively diverted in the area of ​​the legs and they do not tend to open as in other similar motorcycles.

Finally, and driving at a sustained speed with the gas open very little, I noticed some hesitation in the injection that were perceived as small, very slight jerks. I do not know if it is a problem of lack of running-in of the unit or small adjustment problems in the injection and in the electronic throttle of the Aprilia Shiver 750 that I know suffered in its first version and that was later solved.

Aprilia Shiver 750: time to try it out as a duo

Aprilia Shiver 750

We pick up our passenger tester (he's been working overtime lately) to tell us his impressions of the Aprilia Shiver 750. The first thing he tells me is that the seat is relatively comfortable but the location of the handles is not the most accurate since he is almost sitting on top of them and in case he wants to fuck occasionally, he barely has room to put his fingers between them and the body. On the contrary, its double height and inclination allow it to reach the tank perfectly.

The placement of the footpegs is correct although these, as I perceived a few kilometers ago, perfectly transmit the vibrations of the propeller in the two ranges of revolutions discussed. Above, despite having the leaks below the tail are perfectly isolated Using two plastic pieces and after traveling several kilometers, you can even touch these protections with your bare hands without danger of being burned.

Aprilia Shiver 750

On the go, the Aprilia Shiver 750 It requires us to go in the good area of ​​the lap counter if we want to go fast with the extra weight of the passenger, especially in recoveries or overtaking. Suspensions are a little soft at the back, accusing the lack of progressivity mentioned so if we are going to use it a lot in duet, it is necessary to adjust the preload a little.

Little by little we reached the end of the test. On Friday, we will talk about some detail that we have left, consumption and we will see what final grade the Aprilia Shiver 750.

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