The accident rate on a motorcycle drops and the euphoria rises
The accident rate on a motorcycle drops and the euphoria rises

It certainly seems very good news that during the month of January of this year fatal motorcycle accidents have dropped to levels of 10 years ago. But unfortunately, as we well know, the numbers can be interpreted and "tortured" at your convenience to draw the conclusions that most favor us. So while some see green shoots, others can see the darkest abyss and something similar is happening with the data of fatal accidents that occur on our roads.

On the one hand, we have the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheel Sector (Anesdor) that underlines the "downward trend" in terms of accidents "is not only constant in the last five years, it has also been so for more than a decade "and he points out that the number of fatalities in January has fallen by 25% compared to the same month in 2003, despite the fact that the number of motorcycles has doubled in this period. But really should we toss the bells to flight? simply with this data for the month of January. I honestly think not.

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In addition, the general secretary of Anesdor, José María Riaño affirms:

At the very least, I find it hasty and overly triumphant to call it excellent news that nine motorists lose their lives on the roads. And make no mistake, I am also on the side of motorcyclists to make a positive reading of the data. But We do ourselves a disservice believing that this decrease in the accident rate is solely and exclusively the result of awareness campaigns or the active or passive safety systems of motorcyclists and motorcycles.

It seems incredible that the necessary caution is not taken when interpreting the data for a month of January with a cold wave installed in much of the peninsula that surely makes riding the motorcycle a heroic act. Not to mention the economic situation of many families, who must have had to cut their expenses including their passion for two wheels.

All this would be solved if the volume of motorcycles that circulate on our roads were published or measured, I don't know if it is possible to do so. Since this way it could be compared in a more reliable way. What Has no sense is to relate that figure to the number of motorcycles in the country, since these may or may not move depending on many other circumstances.

In short, good news but in the right measure. And let us always remember that the deceased they are not just a number into a statistic.

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