The images of the official Moto2 and Moto3 tests in Jerez
The images of the official Moto2 and Moto3 tests in Jerez

As I was telling you yesterday when I was talking about the last day of official tests of the categories of Moto2 and Moto3 at Jerez CircuitI had a great time watching those guys who know how to push a motorcycle to the limit like no one else, and who do it with an astonishing naturalness. And of course, nor could I stop sharing with you some of the images that I brought home, and I say some because there have been more than six hundred photos that have given of itself the only day that I was able to be there.

As you can imagine, the selection has been very difficult, because I have a big problem: I like each and every one of those photos, and I have enjoyed seeing them more calmly. The fact is that the morning started very cool, and already on the first walk through the paddock I ran into some other rider who had just arrived: Scott Redding, Nico Terol or Maverick Viñales, that they still didn't look like getting on the bike.

Thomas luthi

Once the engines started roaring I felt like a little boy, admiring (that's the word) all the pilots. It is impressive to see them brake, change gears so quickly and mechanically, or jump into the curve if you think about it. And regardless of who sets the pace, I like to see each and every one of them.

At this point, I must confess one thing, and that is that for the first time, I traveled the entire circuit (walking of course), from top to bottom, which is quite a show, because each area has its little things and a beautiful view in a equally beautiful layout. So, see how they brake in Dry sack or the passage through grandson and Hairdresser (rare indeed to see that area without a soul) leaves you open-mouthed and personally fills me with emotion.

Simone Corsi and Johann Zarco

As I am easily impressionable (which I love), I was also amazed with the speed that the teams collect their boxes and leave in those trucks (also very striking) that hide a thousand nooks and crannies. Needless to say, I also witnessed some pilots leaving, such as Alberto Moncayo, Julito Simón or Toni Elijah, to name a few.

And now is when I get sentimental, because I am really excited to be there. I have been visiting that circuit for many years, and always from the stands I wondered how I could be one of the lucky ones who are at the foot of the track and that they enjoy so close to that show. So I don't need to give you many more explanations of how I felt, right? In any case, I love the real illusion that it makes me and the feelings and nervousness that it produces. Feelings that I hope never leave me.

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