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Danny Kent sweeps Moto3, while Claudio Corti and Takaaki Nakagami lead in Moto2 on the last day of testing in Jerez
Danny Kent sweeps Moto3, while Claudio Corti and Takaaki Nakagami lead in Moto2 on the last day of testing in Jerez

Well, here I am after having been able to enjoy yesterday the last day of official tests that have been held in Sherry the categories of Moto2 and Moto3, And it goes without saying that I had a great time watching these guys roll the way they do. And although when you see them you realize that they all roll very to the limit, there is always one that stands out. So on this last day Danny Kent has returned to lead the Moto3 table without giving anyone a break, while in Moto2 they have shared the best time Claudio Corti and Takaaki Nakagami, teammates and who have nailed the same time.

As for the weather, and although the forecasts announced showers, it was a perfect day. A little chilly in the early hours, but my charred face can give good faith that the sun came out very strongly, bringing the thermometer above twenty degrees. Only in the afternoon did some air begin to move, but not excessively. Anyway, we go with each category and with the times provided by the teams (the next test will have official timing).

Moto3: Danny Kent has given no truce to anyone


Nothing to object of course to the leadership one more day of Danny KentAnd here the friend has dominated the three days he has been in Jerez without giving much respite to the rest. Thus, he obviously becomes one of the strongest drivers in the category. Yesterday the clock stopped at 1'47.1 and you just have to see him in his KTM to know that it goes very fast. The second has returned to be Maverick Viñales, four tenths behind Kent and he continues to do his thing, improving day by day and knowing himself one of the favorites for the title.

Third, and fully recovered from the fall of the previous day, it has been Alberto moncayo, another that is at an excellent level and that seems willing to give a lot of war in 2012. For its part Sandro Cortese has finished fourth while Hector Faubel has closed the list of the top five that usually have almost always the same names. Also highlight the seventh square of Luis Salom and the eighth of a Efren Vazquez that has improved a lot the time achieved in the previous day. As for the falls, they have tried the asphalt Alex Marquez, Kenta Fujii or Giulian Pedone, the latter being the worst stopped after having fractured a wrist.

Unofficial times third day Moto3 test in Jerez

  • 1.Danny Kent (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1'47.1
  • 2.Maverick Viñales (Avintia Racing) 1'47.5
  • 3 Alberto Moncayo (Bankia Aspar Team) 1'47.9
  • 4.Sandro Cortese (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1'48.0
  • 5.Héctor Faubel (Bankia Aspar Team) 1'48.4
  • 6.Z.Khairuddin (AirAsia SIC Ajo) 1'48.4
  • 7.Luís Salom (RW Racing GP) 1'48.5
  • 8.Efrén Vázquez (Team Laglisse) 1'48.7
  • 9.M. Oliveira (Monlau Competition) 1'48.9
  • 10.Louis Rossi (Racing Team Germ) 1'49.2
  • 11.Niccoló Antonelli (San Carlo Gresi 1'49.3
  • 12.Niklas Ajo (TT Motion Events Racing) 1'49.4
  • 13.A. Marquez (Monlau Competition) 1'49.6
  • 14.Danny Webb (Mahindra Racing) 1'49.7
  • 15.K. Fujii (Technomag CIP-TSR) 1'49.9
  • 16.Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KYM Ajo) 1'50.1
  • 17 Adrián Martín (Team Laglisse) 1'50.1
  • 18 Ivan Moreno (Andalusia Laglisse) 1'50.8
  • 19.A. Techer (Technomag CIP-TSR) 1'50.7
  • Marcel Schrötter (Mahindra Racing) 1'51.2

  • 21.Brad Binder (RW Racing GP) 1'51.0
  • 22.Jakub Kornfeil (Redox Ongetta) 1'52.0
  • 23.Romano Fenati (Team Italia FMI) 1'52.4
  • 24.A. Tonucci (Team Italia FMI) 1'53.0
  • 25.Luigi Morciano (Ioda Team Italia) 1'56.2

Moto2: Claudio Corti and Takaaki Nakagami share the lead as good teammates


On this last day of testing in Jerez the boys from the Italtrans Racing, that like good companions they have divided the head of the table nailing the same chrono. A) Yes, Claudio Corti and Takaaki nakagami they stopped the clock in a time of 1'42.2, thus equating in turn with the time of Scott redding (who was sixth) on the second day of testing. From which we can deduce that the Moto2 class remains as level as ever and that Nakagami is ready to impress us this year.

The third has been Thomas Luthi, who led the first day, and who seems willing to appear in the top positions regularly. And we have to get to the fourth square to meet Pol Espargaró, we suppose that he is happy because 2012 looks much better for him than last year, while Julito Simon he was fifth and continues to make an excellent progression. The falls section has been quite wide, and they have gone to the ground Max Neukirchner, Ángel Rodríguez, Yuki Takahashi, Damian Cudlin, Alex de Angelis, Xavier Simeon and even Claudio Corti. Fortunately, none of them have suffered significant physical damage, although some of them had to end their performance prematurely, leaving the bike quite smashed.

Unofficial times third day Moto2 test in Jerez

    Claudio Corti (Italtrans Racing Team) 1’42.2

    Takaaki Nakagami (Italtrans Racing Team) 1’42.2

    Thomas Luthi (Interwetten Paddock) 1’42.4

  • 4. Pol Espargaro (Pons Racing) 1’42.5
  • 5. Julian Simon (Avintia Racing Moto2) 1’42.7
  • Scott Redding (Marc VDS Racing Team) 1’42.7

    Mika Kallio (Marc VDS Racing Team) 1’42.8

  • 8. Esteve Rabat (Pons Racing) 1’42.8
  • Randy Krummenacher (GP Team Switzerland) 1’42.9

    Bradley Smith (Tech3 Racing) 1’43.0

  • 11. Angel Rodriguez (SAG Team) 1’43.2
  • 12. Axel Pons (Pons Racing) 1’43.5
  • Alex De Angelis (NGM Mobile Forward Racing) 1’43.6

  • 14. Toni Elías (Mapfre Aspar Team) 1’43.6
  • 15. Nico Terol (Mapfre Aspar Team) 1’43.6
  • Mike Di Meglio (Speed ​​Up) 1’43.7

    Simone Corsi (Iodaracing Project), 1’43.7

    Xavier Simeon (Tech3 Racing) 1’43.7

  • 19. Ricky Cardus (Arguiñano Racing Team) 1’43.8
  • Gino Rea (Gresini Racing Moto2) 1’43.8

    R. Wiliarot (Thai Honda Gresini Moto2) 1’43.8

    Yuki Takahashi (NGM Mobile Forward Racing) 1’43.9

    Johann Zarco (JIR Moto2) 1’44.0

    Andrea Iannone (Speed ​​Master) 1’44.2

    Max Neukirchner (Kiefer Racing) 1’44.2

    Dominique Aegerter (Technomag-CIP) 1’44.5

    Roberto Rolfo (Technomag-CIP) 1’44.7

    Alexander Lundh (MZ Racing Team) 1’45.1

    Marco Colandrea (SAG Team) 1’45.4

    Eric Granado (JIR Moto2) 1’46.0

    Damian Cudlin (QMMF Racing Team) undisclosed time

  • 32. Elena Rosell (QMMF Racing Team) time not provided

And so far what these second official tests of the lower categories in Jerez have given of themselves, with a Danny Kent dominating the three days in Moto3 and with a very even Moto2 and with a change of leader every day. Now they will have to wait a month to return to this same stage for the last official training sessions. before the World Cup starts. Let's see how they get to that appointment. Of course, this is not all for me, because the day I spent yesterday has left many other images that I do not want to stop sharing with you, so tomorrow you will have a good portion of them.

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