App for iOS, MotoGP History 2002-2011, in-depth analysis (II)
App for iOS, MotoGP History 2002-2011, in-depth analysis (II)

Second delivery from this in-depth review of the Dorna Sports app, MotoGP History 2002-2011 available for the iOS platform common to devices iPhone or iPad. Application consisting of a data library from the 2002 to 2011 seasons, both included, in the MotoGP category. Simple graphical interface and navigation are its best assets along with lots of data such as leaderboards, balloons with explanations, photos and videos.

In the first part of this review we have seen the main graphical interface and the menu use system. We review events or circuits, which is the first of the three menus that the program provides us. Now let's see the remaining two dedicated to motorcycles and riders. We will also comment on the viewing capacity of photos and videos.

MotoGP History

We see in the photo above, and on the left, the main menu in which we will select bikes. We will find a list of motorcycles by makes and models. We go directly to choose the Aprilia of the entire list of available bikes. Once the selection of the motorcycle is made, we see the screen that tells us the team, or teams, that race with that motorcycle, a drop-down for more information and if we have photographs available.

At least always it will let us at least see a snapshot of the chosen bike. As is common in all the menu selections we make, we always have the upper horizontal bar to select the year. In this way we can see that the Aprilia RSA has contested the seasons 2002, 2003 and 2004, which are available to consult. I will not tire of repeating that this horizontal selection bar is the star of this app since in the case of the card that we see of the Aprilia, it allows to go from one year to another without having to go back in the menus.

MotoGP History

The next sub-menu of the bikes or motorcycles section It is the one we see in this image. It is accessed by sliding the drop-down that we can find just above the photograph of the motorcycle. In it we find quite a few technical characteristics of the motorcycle as the basic architecture of the propeller of this that indicates if it is a two or four stroke engine. Think that still in 2002 they lived together on track both types of motorcycles.

The rest of the data can be seen in the capture. Approximate power and rpm, chassis components, weight, suspensions and brakes. There are data that obviously have to be grasped with tweezers such as those relating to power and revolutions. Especially because the real figures in this regard have never been revealed. With the year selection bar you can see the changes that the bikes have had in the different seasons.

MotoGP History

At section dedicated to pilots, the movement through the program follows the same guidelines as in motorcycles or in events or circuits. In this photo that we show you, you can see the drop-down with a list of pilots and on the right our selection. In this case, the sadly deceased in a traffic accident in 2007, Norifumi Abe. The top bar indicates that Norick Abe played the 2002, 2003 and 2004 seasons.

The file tells us that there are two photographs available to view and two drop-down available that will give us more information. In the photograph under this paragraph we can see it. Selecting the button type drop down offers us a text balloon with the brief history of the pilot. Selecting the one above the photos shows us the team in which he plays and his classifications within the same season, both on the starting grid and in the final qualification.

MotoGP History

The section corresponding to photos is common to the three teams possible, events or circuits, bikes and riders. They can simply be selected by clicking on the thumbnail of the corresponding photo. If the program has more than one photo to view, it indicates it with as many red dots as there are photographs available under the thumbnail image. The video section is available only in events or circuits and is accessed at the end of the photo section series.

In the thumbnail image, it indicates to one side how many videos we have to watch. They usually have two to three or four short videos per race. They show us some curiosities of the off-track pilots and the most interesting moments of the race or what they call highlights, although there are times that it focuses more on the trivia videos than on the career summaries themselves. We can see videos similar to the one shown below of the accident in the first corner of the Circuit de Catalunya in 2006. In this case we would watch Dorna's reserved videos since the fact of buying the application gives us the right to view it.

A very application interesting, easy, intuitive for a reasonable price for everything it offers although with some aspect that could be improved such as the absence of lower categories, 125 and 250cc, and that it runs more fluently on the latest Apple hardware. Better on iPhone 4 or 4S than on 3GS where we have tested it and it creeps a bit in some transition.

Positive points

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Crowd of data.

  • Top season selection bar that avoids going back in the menus.

Bad points

  • The lower categories, 125 and 250cc, are missing.

  • It requires state-of-the-art hardware to run smoothly, iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2.

  • Videos should be longer or include only summaries.

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