Is that electric motorcycles are boring, ask Ryan Moore
Is that electric motorcycles are boring, ask Ryan Moore

Well, to show a button, because here you have a video with the Stunter Ryan moore turning on a BRD Redshift SM through the streets of San Francisco, and he doesn't seem to be having a bad time. And I don't want to make an apology for stunts or anything like that, I just want those who say that electric motorcycles are like washing machines on wheels, think better of it the next time they think so.

Of course there are some electric motorcycles that are vehicles that are very limited in their performance and even in their design, but this also happens with motorcycles with an internal combustion engine and I don't hear many people complain. As a final detail in the data that appears on You Tube about the video there is a tagline of those that say that the stunts have been carried out by a professional pilot and do not try it if it is not in a closed circuit or you have a good lawyer. Could it be that in the USA the police also persecute offenders through You Tube?

The specifications of the BRD Redshift SM are almost like those of any other motorcycle, with a power that is between 25 and 40 hp. The lowest power is obtained with continuous power supply and the maximum is the peak power capable of delivering the motor for an instant. The autonomy is 80, 46 km and the maximum speed is 136, 79 km / h. The weight of the creature is 120, 20 kg in configuration to circulate on the street, with lights and others and 115, 66 kg in its version for circuit. BRD accept orders for the motorcycle, the final price of which is $ 15,495. Washing machine on wheels? I do not think so.

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