Pilot Brain; the pilot's gasoline
Pilot Brain; the pilot's gasoline

Reading such an advertisement, it seems that taking one cereal bar by Pilot Brain and being the next World Champion will be a matter of time, until it takes effect in our body. But precisely I am a "skeptic-bar", Because the energy bar that promised not to get tired, did not succeed and the bar that promised to make me strong did not succeed either, just like the one that promised to fill me up as if I had eaten, failed.

Pilot brain sponsor

All those promises sound familiar to me, and certainly 24 million people in Spain driving any type of vehicle is a good market to explore. But what's in Pilot Brain to get all these wonders:

No doubt I'll try it when I have the chance, since I don't like to talk too much without experimenting with the product on my own meats. But for now I'll keep stopping to rest when exhaustion or sleep take over me, that sure works.

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